First Look: Vortex Razor HD 4000 GB Ballistic Laser Rangefinder

Vortex Optics just announced the Razor HD 4000 GB Ballistic Rangefinder, now featuring an on-board GeoBallistics solver.

The 7.62×39 AR Magazine Buyer’s Guide

For those who run America’s rifle chambered for the AK’s cartridge, here are the best 7.62x39 AR magazine options.
Have a plan when you start buying parts; a simple rifle doesn’t mean less capable.

Best AR-15 Accessories And Upgrades (2023)

Dos and Don’ts when it comes to AR-15 accessories, upgrades and parts in general.
Oracle Arms

New Guns And Gear April 2023

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 7 new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.

What Is The Best Concealed Carry Holster? (2023)

Looking to enhance going armed? Here are the best concealed carry holsters around today.

Green Tip 5.56: Is It Anything Special?

When it comes to feeding your AR-15, is green tip 5.56 ammo top-shelf, bottom of the barrel or somewhere in between?

Swampfox Warhawk 5-25×56 FFP Riflescope Review

Capable yet affordable, in this review the author takes a closer look at the Swampfox Warhawk 5-25x56 FFP.
45-caliber rifle cartridges feature spread

Giant Killers: .45-Caliber Rifle Cartridges

When it comes to big game hunting, there are few better tools for the job than .45-caliber rifle cartridges.

Big-Block Glock: The Guncrafter Industries .50 GI Conversion

If you want your Glock to have momentum en masse, look no further than the Guncrafter Industries .50 GI conversion.

The Best Reloading Kits: A Buyer’s Guide

Looking to roll your own ammo on the cheap? Here are the best reloading kits you can buy to get started.

.22 Hornet: To Bee Or Not To Bee

Is .22 Hornet an obsolete cartridge? Or does its sting still have some practical uses to offer? 

Elevation Evaluation: Holdover Reticles Vs. Dialing

When it comes to solving ballistic problems quickly, which is better, using holdover reticles or dialing your scope?
Binary Trigger feature fostech

Double-Dipping: Best Binary Trigger Buyer’s Guide

Looking for an easy and legal way to increase your weapon’s fire rate? A binary trigger may be what you want, so here are some of the best.

First Look: GPO Spectra 6X 4.5-27x50i SFP

German Precision Optics has just announced the Spectra 6X 4.5-27x50i SFP, and the company is calling it the ultimate long-range hunting riflescope.

Lighter Bullets, Longer Ranges

Lighter bullets result in higher velocities, and here’s how speed can improve your long-range shooting game.
LOK Grips feature

Fits Like A Glove: LOK Grips Review

Aftermarket handgun grips can help improve your shooting, and LOK Grips are some of the best available.


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