New Optic: Nikon’s 6-24x50SF BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA

New Optic: Nikon’s 6-24x50SF BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA


Economically priced and long on features, Nikon's 6-24x50SF BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA riflescope looks to be an on-target long-range optic.

Whether it’s a precision shooting competition or just banging a steel gong from the next zip code, the long-range shooting game has never been more popular. Of course, those yearning to tap tacks from 1,000 yards out — heck even more — typically have one giant hurdle to get over: cost.

Red ink flows like a river when you’re talking custom stocks, precision actions and cut-rifled barrels. Heck, even off-the-rack dedicated long-distance rifles have price tags that make most everyday shooters wince like they’re shooting trap with a punt gun. Fortunately, there has been some easing of the pecuniary burdens of shooting a country mile, with some of the bigger manufacturers offering relatively more financially sane options in building a dream precision rifle.


Nikon appears to have just this segment of shooters in its sights with the introduction of the latest addition to its BLACK riflescope series. The 6-24x50SF BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA looks to have the chops to get shooters on target from way out, while not sending them to the marksman’s poorhouse in the process. With an MSRP of $649.95, the scope definitely falls at the affordable end of the long-range market, and it doesn’t look to skimp on features and performance along the way.

Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of the BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA scope is its Matte Illuminated X-MOA reticle. The tactical-style reticle has 10 intensities, with an off function between each setting, allowing shooters to adjust to any light conditions.

The .15 MOA crosshairs have five subtensions at 2.0 MOA increments, giving the ability for fast holdover and bullet-drop compensations. However, the reticle is etched on the second focal plane; in turn, accurate ranging and other measurements should be done at a predetermined magnification.

The scope has a total of 60 MOA of adjustments, easily dialed in at ¼ MOA-per-click increments. The scope is reset by simply pulling up on the turret and rotating it to zero. Necessary on a scope destined for long-range work, the BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA also comes with a side parallax adjustment that can be tuned from 50 yards to infinity.


As would be expected on any decent scope, Nikon’s new offering is multi-coated on each lens surface to provide better light transmission. And with a 50mm objective lens, it should provide excellent light gathering capabilities overall, except in the dimmest conditions at the highest magnification. As well, the BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA is ruggedly constructed with a 30mm main body tube made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA certainly looks to have the bells and whistles to get the job done. And at the same tick, it allows for a little pocket change for ammunition.


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