Nightforce Optics Expands ATACR Line With Second Focal Plane Scope

Nightforce Optics Expands ATACR Line With Second Focal Plane Scope

The introduction of the ATACR 7-35×56 F2 marks the third, second focal plane scope of the line.

What are the 2019 releases by Nightforce:

  • ATACR 7-35×56 F2
  • MIL-XT Reticle

Considered by many among the acme of optics, Nightforce always tends to turn heads when it releases new products. The impending year is no different, except the company might gain attention for more than simply their top-shelf scopes in 2019. Following a trend in the line, the optics manufacturer is taking another of its ATACR scopes from first-plane to second. Despite where the reticle is etched, the new ATACR 7-35x56mm F2 still offers all the goodies of the original F1, including ED glass, ample elevation and windage adjustment, ZeroStop technology and the choice of two reticles.

Speaking of reticles, Nightforce also unveiled its new MIL-XT Reticle, an illuminated design available in 16x, 25x and 35x ATACR F1 scopes. Configured for fast and accurate holds, the reticle has .2 Mil-Rad holds on the mainline and .2 Mil-Rad-spaced floating dots beneath for compensation.

Nightforce Optics has introduced a second focal plane version of their acclaimed ATACR 7-35×56 F1, the most powerful ATACR riflescope currently offered. “Since we introduced the first focal plane 7-35x two years ago, it has become one of our most popular models,” said Alan Stilwell, North American sales manager for Nightforce. “With its brilliant ED glass, extraordinary resolving power and the virtually indestructible construction that characterizes all of our ATACR™ riflescopes, we believe it is the most precise, powerful instrument for extended-range shooting on the market today.”


The ATACR 7-35×56 F2, built on a 34mm tube, provides 100 MOA/29 MRAD of elevation adjustment and 60 MOA/17 MRAD of windage adjustment. Unlike many high-magnification riflescopes, it delivers superb clarity at every power setting, allowing detailed rendering and identification of small targets at extreme ranges. It is offered with either the MOAR-T or MIL-C proprietary Nightforce reticles. DigIllum reticle illumination and ZeroStop elevation technology are standard.

Nighforce 2

“The F1-first focal plane-version has been so successful,” Stilwell added, “that we wanted to make the same unparalleled performance available to those who prefer a second focal plane reticle.” MSRP is $3,100.

MIL-XT Reticle

Nightforce has also announced its new illuminated MIL-XT reticle, available in 16x, 25x and 35x ATACR F1 (first focal plane) riflescopes. It is designed for precision rifle competition, being extremely fast, intuitive and providing precise hold-over and hold-off points. Main lines feature .2 Mil-Radian holds, while each whole Mil-Radian is numbered for fast reference.

Nightforce 1

Below center, there are .2 Mil-Radian-spaced floating dots at every vertical Mil-Radian. Whole Mil-Radians dots are larger in size for fast counting. Additional marks are also placed at half Mil-Radian increments. Numbers below center vary in size and are placed on each side for easy counting and verification of appropriate hold points.

The MIL-XT provides excellent range estimation, rapid target engagements and precise first-shot placement. Combined with the extreme capability of Nightforce ATACR riflescopes, it gives the serious competitive shooter every conceivable advantage.

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