New Advanced Mepro MOR Pro Optic From Meprolight

New Advanced Mepro MOR Pro Optic From Meprolight
Advanced Mepro MOR Pro Reflex Sight.

The Mepro MOR Pro is a combination device that houses visible and IR lasers within a single optic with features that make it suitable for both daytime and nighttime use.


Features Of The Mepro MOR Pro

  • Red Dot Reflex Sight
  • Passive And Active Reticle Illumination
  • Four Reticle Options
  • Red Visible Laser
  • Green Visible Laser
  • IR Laser
Advanced Mepro MOR Pro Reflex Sight.
Advanced Mepro MOR Pro Reflex Sight.

Meprolight is an Israeli-based manufacturer of military and tactical equipment with a long history of real-world use. Their newest red dot sight available to the civilian market is no different, having seen use by the IDF and other special forces groups across the world. The Mepro MOR Pro has the potential to halve the number of gadgets hanging off your rifle. By combining a red dot reflex sight with an IR laser aiming device, the two most common weapon accessories used by special forces groups have been merged into a single unit. This is not only a more efficient use of space, it also brings more weight off the barrel where IR laser units are typically mounted.

Always Powered

The Mepro MOR Pro is powered by four independent energy sources to ensure the reticle is visible no matter what. In daytime environments, the reticle is powered by fiber optics which gather surrounding light. During low light and nighttime use, it is self-illuminated using tritium and/or AA batteries, depending on the reticle’s brightness level which can be manually adjusted. If any of the systems fail, the power source is automatically switched to a working one to keep your weapon functional. The reticle has four options available, a dot, a bullseye, a triangle, and an X.



One Zero

The red dot reticle, IR laser, and visible lasers are all slaved to the same zeroing device. This means that zeroing one of them zeroes all of them. Zeroing all systems independently would be a nightmare and a waste of ammo, so this feature is crucial for the Mepro MOR Pro’s smooth operation.


Designed as a military optic, the MOR Pro had to be tough. Meprolight claims it can operate “under all weather and temperature conditions.” While it would be impressive to see that put to the test in the Arctic or Death Valley, Meprolight’s promotional video where they dunk it into a bucket of dirty water was proof enough for me that it is adequately robust.

Mepro Pro Feature

All the systems work in conjunction with one another to allow seamless transitions between day and night operations in any environment. It’s no wonder that the Mepro MOR Pro has been seeing increased use with special forces units around the globe considering that it is such a versatile device. It was clearly designed not only for government use but government purchase as well, with a street price of over $1,000 per unit. With that kind of price tag, this optic isn’t for everybody, but not everybody needs an IR laser either. If you foresee yourself going bump in the night anytime soon though, this might just be the perfect complementary pairing for your NODs.

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