First Look: XS Sights Henry Big Boy Lever Rails

First Look: XS Sights Henry Big Boy Lever Rails

XS Sights has just released Lever Rails for Henry Big Boy carbines, designed to allow users to more easily mount optics.

While XS Sights is primarily known for its handgun sights, especially of the tritium variety, the company makes some aiming solutions for long guns as well. The newest additions to the catalog include two models of XS Sights Lever Rails for Henry Big Bore carbines chambered for .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.


The Lever Rails are designed to be an easy-to-install solution for adding a Picatinny rail to a Henry Big Boy lever-action. The rails are made from aircraft-grade, hard-coat anodized aluminum, so they should be both durable and lightweight.


The XS Lever Rails can be simply bolted to the barrel of a .357 Mag. or .44 Mag. Henry Big Boy carbine, and once installed allow the user to mount an optic of their choice as they would on any other Picatinny rail. The rail extends from the rear of the receiver to the front sight dovetail cut, giving plenty of real estate for larger scopes. There are two models of rail, however, and they must be specifically ordered for the caliber of Henry you have due to differences between the barrels. They are also only compatible with carbines with round barrels and steel receivers. Those who have a brass receiver or octagonal barrel are out of luck.

The XS Lever Rails have an MSRP of $72 and are available now. XS Sights also has an installation video guide embedded in the store page.

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