First Look: Samson Rapid Precision Mounts

First Look: Samson Rapid Precision Mounts

Samson Manufacturing has just released the first of their Rapid Precision Mounts, and it’s lightweight, durable and holds its zero under heavy recoil.

Scope mounts are simple in theory, but aficionados of long-range glass understand that an optic can only do its job when properly secured to the rifle. Durable and rugged scope mounts that can sustain abuse in the field are typically heavy, and lighter ones are prone to getting knocked and losing their zero. The ideal scope mount is as lightweight as possible while remaining durable and solid, and that’s exactly what Samson Manufacturing set out to make with their new series of Rapid Precision Mounts.

Samson RPM

Featuring a 2-inch offset for ideal eye relief, Samson’s Rapid Precision Mounts are currently only available with 30mm rings, but three larger sizes are planned for the future as well. Rapid Precision Mounts are machined from 6160-T6 aluminum and engineered to use as little material as possible while still maintaining their zero under heavy recoil. Samson was able to make the mounts even lighter by incorporating steel recoil lugs into the cross bolts, which help keep the scope base solidly in place. The Rapid Precision Mounts attach using standard 1913 Picatinny rail, and the ring base also includes a threaded steel insert to prevent stripping if you choose to change out the optic.

Samson Rapid Precision Mount

MSRP for the Samson Rapid Precision Mount is $148.99 and it can be installed with a 7/64″ hex wrench and a 1/2″ wrench. 34mm, 35mm and 1-inch rings will eventually be for sale as well.

Samson Mount

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