Embracing The Clawmounts Quick-Detach Scope Mounting System

Embracing The Clawmounts Quick-Detach Scope Mounting System


Precisely engineered for true quick-detachment, ClawMounts expands the horizons of your scope and rifle.

Scope mounts. There’s nothing too sexy about them. In fact, if they do their job you never notice them … until you go to change your scope. Then some issues can arise, particularly when it comes to the quick-detach variety.

Certainly, run-of-the-mill QD options are much faster than the alternative, generally requiring a minimum of tools. And yes, the best made do hold their zero when properly used, saving some time in the process. Yet, few, if any—even cam operated—truly deserve the title of “quick.” Minimal as the process might be, it’s still a process, one involving two hands and a bit of time—not exactly what you’d call a tactically-sound accessory. Enter Clawmounts.

Clawmounts System

Essentially, Clawmounts offers exactly what is described above. Of course, there is a bit more to it than its simple operation. There’s also a dash of cleaver design and execution in making a true quick-detach system that retains your scope zero time after time.


Clawmounts utilizes twin posts on the rings to secure to the base on a rifle’s receiver though a notch-and lock system. It might be natural to assume the lock springs are what hold a scope in place, but there’s where you’d be wrong. Relying purely on this would require springs so heavy they’d make quick detach impossible. Instead, the posts’ geometry gets them to hold fast.

Study them a bit and it’s easy to see the posts are conical in shape, narrow at the tip and wide at the base. Precisely milled to fit in the base holes, the posts create a tension that keeps the whole system in place. An analogous system is post-and-beam timber construction, where carefully fitted joints and precisely fitted sized pegs keep the whole structure upright without a single nail. Scoff if you want, some of the oldest wooden buildings still stand today using exactly this process and it’s all based off tension.


Clawmounts Advantage

Keeping a scope’s zero with a quick detach system is an asset that benefits any shooter who appreciates convenience and accuracy, not to mention looking after their optics investment. Run a top piece of glass on your hunting rifle That next cross-country hunt you don’t have to leave it vulnerable on top of your rifle. Or if you compete and have a red dot poop out mid match, just switch it out with the push of a button. Honestly, with Clawmounts the potential is limitless.

It’s no secret, shooters invest a king’s ransom in their guns and optics and treat mounting systems as a passing concern. This is a mistake—you’re creating a weak link in the chain. Clawmounts erases this worry while adding flexibility to your rifle. Could you ask for anything more?

Expand the horizon of your scope and rifle, get your set of Clawmounts HERE!


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