Gun Storage: Is The SecureIt CradleGrid The Ultimate Solution?

Gun Storage: Is The SecureIt CradleGrid The Ultimate Solution?

CradleGrid offers a new way to look at the organized storage of your firearms.

The Advantage CradelGrid and SecureIt Offer:

  • System consists of three components: a grid panel, gun cradles, and a tiered base.
  • Can configure to user needs and firearms.
  • SecureIt also offers under bed and closet secuity systems and gun lockers.

Are you familiar with the archer’s paradox? In short, it’s a phenomenon used to describe the situation of how an arrow leaves a bow and its seemingly inevitable collision with the bow itself in order to hit the target. But upon releasing the string, the arrow of course never does hit the bow. The solution to the paradox: The arrow bends.


If there were such a thing as a shooter’s paradox, it would be the collision every gun owner has when trying to find a solution for secure firearms storage. The solution to the current paradox: The gun owner is forced to bend to cost or immobility of a massive safe — or both.

But it’s 2018. We put a man on the moon in 1969, so why are we still stuck in gun storage purgatory?

Well, we’re not.

Thinking Inside The Box … Er, Safe

Modular gun safes aren’t really anything new, but in this category more than most, you get what you pay for: a cramped tin box that will most likely do the job of keeping your guns secure, but they have little to offer outside of that — especially when it comes to keep your guns organized and safe from one another in the form of in-safe dings and scratches. And most are certainly not user-friendly in terms of assembly and relocation.


But here’s the revolution: CradleGrid.

Working with the Army’s Special Forces, SecureIt developed a pretty sweet system that’s as simple as it is fully customizable. The 

Think of it this way: Everyone is familiar with a pegboard system that many of us use on the back wall of our reloading bench to secure components, or on the garage wall to hang and organize tools. CradleGrid is like a highly-developed rendition of that system, featuring a series of integrated grooves. To those grooves attach a variety of accessories, including multiple variations of handgun mounting options, long guns cradles, variously sized shelves and small parts bins.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a full, walk-in gun room, these CradleGrid panels can be attached directly to the wall and outfitted with any mix-and-match of accessories to secure and display any and every gun configuration you can get your hands on. It’s a fully customizable system.


But because most of us simply don’t have the room for that luxury — myself definitely included there — the CradleGrid is the foundation upon which the entire SecureIt family of gun safes is built.

For under-cabinet and under-bed storage, the Fast Box Models 40 ($289) and 47 ($299) are sleek and concealable … and a vertical kit is also available for those who looking to stand the safe on-end in a closet.

SecureIt also makes a more conventionally sized Agile Model 40 ($499), and the flagship Model 52 ($599). These two safes feature Knockdown Technology, which means they store and ship flat. Assembly can be done by one person in a matter of minutes with just a single wrench, and all assembly components are housed inside to give the safe a clean, sleek look — and more importantly, to be completely inaccessible when locked. A Quad Model ($1,859) is also available, where two Model 52s are attached side-by-side, and two Model 40s are attached on top of those two.

Parting Thoughts

You’ll never hear me say that a huge, heavy, insulated gun safe isn’t worth it — I just don’t think it’s necessary. If you check the fire rating riveted to the inside of your safe’s door, and then research the actual internal heat index of most house fires, it becomes obvious that your guns won’t hold out long until the inside of the safe turns into a microwave. And weight? Well, I paid two guys (yes, they were definitely big guys) to carry my safe from the garage to my basement when I moved. So, on a long weekend vacation for me, two bad dudes could carry it out of there if they were really determined. Likely? Nope. Possible. Yep?


My advice: Don’t over think — or overpay for — secure gun storage.

For more information on CradleGride, please visit SecureIt at:

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the Shooter's Guide 2018 of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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