New Ammo: Federal Premium Ammunition Introduces Four New Lines

New Ammo: Federal Premium Ammunition Introduces Four New Lines

New Federal Premium

Federal Premium should get shooters fired up at the range and in the field with four new lines of ammunition.

As is expected, rifles, pistols and shotguns steal the spotlight at any firearms convention. The April 27-30, NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta were no exception. But dotted among the latest and greatest guns was their cutting-edge fodder, boasting the newest twists to get the most ballistic potential out of projectiles. Federal Premium Ammunition was among the manufacturers unveiling its latest additions to its catalog at the meeting. And the Minnesota company should get shooters fired up for the range and the field with four new lines of ammunition.

New Federal Premium
Federal Non-Typical
The company has set its sights on diehard whitetail hunters with the introduction of Federal Non-Typical centerfire rifle ammunition. Specifically designed to pursue America’s favorite big-game animal, the ammunition has everything hunters need to tag-out. Topped with an optimized soft-point bullet with a concentric jacket, Non-Typical provides top-notch accuracy and devastating terminal ballistics. Available in seven of the most-used calibers for whitetails, the ammunition is outfitted with a Federal primer and built on the company’s precision-drawn brass.

  • .243 Win. 100-grain $21.95
  • .270 Win. 130-grain $21.95
  • .270 Win. 150-grain $21.95
  • .30-30 Win. 150-grain $19.95
  • .30-30 Win. 170-grain $19.95
  • .308 Win. 150-grain $21.95
  • .308 Win. 180-grain $21.95
  • .30-06 Spring. 150-grain $21.95
  • .30-06 Spring. 180-grain $21.95
  • 7mm Rem. Mag. 150-grain $27.95
  • .300 Win. Mag. 150-grain $27.95
  • .300 Win. Mag. 180-grain $27.95
  • 6.5 Creedmoor TBD-grain $21.95

New Federal Premium
Federal Train + Protect
Going armed means not only finding the ideal defensive ammunition but also putting in the range time so it can be delivered on target effectively. Federal’s Train + Protect marries both these facets of self-defense in one convenient package. Loaded with the company’s VHP (versatile hollowpoint) bullet, the ammunition is meant to deliver accuracy off the firing line and in the field. And the instant and reliable expansion on impact ensures that if ever called to use, Train + Protect will provide the stopping power required to defend yourself and your loved ones.

  • 9mm 115-grain 50-count $30.95
  • .40 S&W 180-grain 50-count $35.95
  • .45 Auto 230-grain 50-count $35.95
  • 9mm 115-grain 100-count $56.95
  • .40 S&W 180-grain 100-count $66.95
  • .45 Auto 230-grain 100-count $66.95

New Federal Premium
Federal Edge TLR
Designed with long-range hunters in mind, Premium Edge TLR is engineered to provide accuracy and a massive wound channel no matter the distance. The Edge TLR bullets feature Federal's Slipstream polymer tip, technology that ensures the projectiles reliably expand as they lose velocity. At closer ranges, the bullet’s copper shank and bonded lead core retain maximum weight, thus producing lethal penetration. The bullets offer some of the highest ballistic coefficients in Federal’s catalog, giving them incredible long-range performance. And their long sleek profiles are optimized with the company’s AccuChannel groove, a technology meant to further reduce drag.

  • .308 Win. 175-grain $47.95
  • .30-06 Spring. 175-grain $47.95
  • .300 Win. Mag. 200-grain $59.95
  • .300 Win. Short Mag. 200-grain $59.95


New Federal Premium
Federal Gold Medal Berger
Berger’s Juggernaut OTM, Hybrid OTM or BT Target are among the most popular bullets at Precision Rifle Series events. And now the highly precise projectiles highlight Federal’s newest line of precision ammunition. Gold Medal Berger features advanced boat-tail bullets with a high ballistic coefficients, providing the flattest trajectories, the least wind drift and surgical accuracy. Loaded in some of today's most popular long-range calibers, there are few other off-the-shelf options that offer the accuracy potential of Gold Medal Berger.

  • .223 Rem. 73-grain Berger BT Target $32.95
  • 6.5 Grendel 130-grain Berger Hybrid OTM $34.95
  • 6.5 Creedmoor 130-grain Hybrid OTM $34.95
  • .308 Win. 185-grain Berger Juggernaut OTM $34.95

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