Fiocchi Announces 5.7x28mm Subsonic Ammo


Owners of suppressed 5.7 firearms can rejoice, as Fiocchi has just announced new 5.7x28mm subsonic ammo for the company’s Range Dynamics line.

A lot of shooters are starting to get interested in 5.7x28mm. With all the new guns coming on the market chambered for the hot little round, it only makes sense. Plenty of these firearms are being offered with threaded muzzles as well, making suppressors an obvious accessory pairing, but what about the ammunition? Thankfully, Fiocchi has just announced the addition of 5.7x28mm subsonic ammo to its Range Dynamics line.


Packaged in 50-round boxes, Fiocchi’s 5.7x28mm subsonic ammo features 62-grain FMJ projectiles with an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,050 FPS. This is compared to the cartridge’s average bullet weight of 40 grains. Fiocchi does not specify the length of the test barrel used to determine the 1,050 FPS muzzle velocity, but hopefully it wasn’t a handgun. If a rifle-length barrel will raise this ammo’s velocity by only about 75 fps more, it will cease to be subsonic. Fiocchi’s press release also mentions the ammo’s use in carbines, however, so this should be a non-issue.

The Range Dynamics 5.7x28mm subsonic ammo is Fiocchi’s third load offered in this caliber, with 35-grain Hyperformance jacketed frangible ammo and Hyperformance 40-grain hollow points being the other two.

The new Fiocchi subsonic 5.7 load is available now, and although an official MSRP is not listed, it appears to currently be retailing for about $55 per box.

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