Federal Premium Unveils 1 3/4-Inch Shorty Shotshells


Federal Premium Ammunition proves big things come in small packages with Shorty Shotshells.

How Shorty Shotshells compare to other mini shells:

  • Available in No. 8 shot, No. 4 buckshot and rifled slug loads.
  • No. 8 shot has a muzzle velocity of 1,145 fps and the buckshot and slug 1,200 fps.
  • Available in boxes of 10 for around $12 and under.
  • Ideally uses in single-shot and break-action shotguns.

Since they hit the market, Aguila Ammunition’s Minishells have caught the fancy of shotgunners for home defense, hunting and breaking clays. But the diminutive shotgun shells have some competition coming down the pike.

Shorty Shotshell 2

Federal Premium Ammo has jumped into the small smoothbore ammo game this year with the introduction of 12-gauge Shorty Shotshells. The ammunition maker has three offerings in the 1 ¾-inch shells – No. 8 shot (15/16 ounce), No. 4 buckshot (15 pellets) and a rifled slug (1 ounce). That should cover a fairly wide spectrum of applications, at least most of which you’d apply the likes of a Shorty Shotshell.

Despite their small size, the shells have similar performance to 3 ¾-inch loads, with the No. 8 shot leaving the muzzle at 1,145 fps and the buckshot and slug hauling out at 1,200 fps. Of course, with smaller overall payloads. Shorty Shotshells are also fairly light on the pocketbook, No. 8 shot loads running $5.95 for a box of 10 and the buckshot and slugs running $11.95, also for a box of 10.

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The issue with abbreviated shotshells – Federal or otherwise – is their ability to function in a pump or semi-auto shotgun. While such ammo ups a smoothbore's firepower, it also has a tendency to misfeed. Federal recognizes this and urges the use of Shorty Shotshells in break actions or single-shot shotguns. Certainly, this moots any potential capacity improvements. However, you still have a handy shell, which is easier to carry in bulk in a pocket and is right around a stiff breeze in the recoil department.

For more information on Shorty Shotshells, please visit www.federalpremium.com.

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