Federal Premium Teams Up With Berger Bullets For Hybrid Hunter Line

Federal Premium Teams Up With Berger Bullets For Hybrid Hunter Line

Loaded with low-drag bullets, Federal Premium Berger Hybrid Hunter line arms hunters with precision ammo.

How Hybrid Hunter will get you on target next season:

  • High BC tangent-secant ogive bullets.
  • Federal Gold Medal Primers.
  • Specially formulated propellants tuned to each load.
  • Durable nickel-plated brass cases.

When it comes to performance ammunition, you can’t get much better than Federal Premium and Berger Bullets. This year, the well-respected ammo maker and bulletsmith are teaming up to provide hunters what is sure to be a precise and potent line of hunting ammunition.

Hybrid Hunter 1

As the name suggests, the Federal Premium Berger Hybrid Hunter series features Berger’s highly accurate tangent-secant ogive bullets. The projectiles are renowned for their high ballistic coefficients, thus giving them the ability to overcome air resistance and buck the wind. For instance, the .308 Win. load boasts a bullet with a .489 BC, which losses less than 25-percent of its advertised muzzle velocity (2,800 fps) at 500 yards. In addition to top-notch bullets, the ammo also features nickel-plated brass cases, Gold Medal primers and specially formulated propellants.

In all, the Federal Premium line consists of 10 loads in some of the most popular and common hunting calibers. The company reports it has made its first shipment of the Hybrid Hunter series to distributors, so if it’s not at your local ammo outlet now, it should be soon. The ammunition’s MSRP ranges from $39.95 to $50.95 for a box of 20 rounds.

Hybrid Hunter 2

CaliberBullet WeightBallistic Coefficient (G1)Muzzle Velocity FPS
.280 Ackley Improved168 grains.5562,800
.270 Win Short Magnum140 grains.5283,200
6.5 Creedmoor135 grains.5842,775
.270 Win.140 grains.5282,950
.308 Win.168 grains.4892,800
.300 Win. Mag.185 grain.5332,950
.300 Win. Short Mag.185 grain.5332,950
7mm Rem. Mag.168 grain.5662,870
.30-06 Sprng168 grain.4892,800
.243 Win.95 grain.4343,050

For more information on Federal Premium Ammunition, please visit www.federalpremium.com.

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