Ammo Brief: .475 Turnbull Is A Modern Classic


In an effort to keep the classic lever-action rifle useful in the modern era, firearms restoration legend Doug Turnbull crafted the .475 Turnbull.

  • The .475 Turnbull is built from a blown-out, necked up .348 Winchester case.
  • It’s a modern cartridge meant for vintage lever-action rifles.
  • Vintage Winchester 1886 actions are strong enough for the cartridge’s pressure.
  • However, they must be rebarreled for proper function.
  • The cartridge shoots widely available .475-caliber bullets, seated in a .502 neck.

Turnbull-475-first - 475 TurnbullDoug Turnbull has been restoring high-quality firearms for more than 20 years, and in 2007, he began working on a modern cartridge for vintage lever-action rifles, specifically the Model 1886 Winchester. The eponymous result was this round, built from a blown-out necked-up .348 Winchester case. Turnbull has said that vintage Winchester 1886 actions are strong enough to handle the 40,000-plus psi pressures the .475 Turnbull generates, but they must be rebarreled with modern steel alloys.

The .475 Turnbull shoots widely available .475-caliber bullets seated in a .502 neck. The shoulder diameter is .5371 with a 17-degree, 15-minute shoulder angle, its SAAMI drawing shows. The rim diameter measures .610 and is .070 thick. The base diameter is .5517. The case is 2.20 inches long and the COAL is 2.78. Turnbull Mfg. supplies headstamped brass and bullets manufactured by Barnes, Nosler, and Hawk. Others are available. Reloading data is available on the Turnbull Mfg. website, and reloading dies (either RCBS or Hornady brand with shellholder) are also available. Cor-Bon sells .475 Turnbull factory-loaded ammunition. Caution is advised shooting full-power .475s in a traditional Winchester stock with a steel crescent buttplate.


Editor’s Note: This article is an excerpt from Cartridges of the World 15th Edition.


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