27 Nosler Sets The .270 Caliber On Fire

27 Nosler Sets The .270 Caliber On Fire

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Taking the .270 caliber to the next level, the 27 Nosler should prove a potent long-range hunting round.

How The 27 Nosler Outdoes Other .270s:

  • Based on the .404 Jeffery, its case has exceptional capacity.
  • It delivers greater velocity than even the gargantuan .270 Weatherby.
  • It's extremely flat shooting and drops an incredible amount of energy on target.

Nosler has built quite a cartridge family, and it continues to grow. The newest addition announced at the 2020 SHOT Show is the 27 Nosler, which, as you might have guessed, is a .270 caliber. But like everything Nosler puts out, it’s a .270 caliber taken to the limits.

With the .404 Jeffery providing the parent case, the 27 Nosler outdoes the capacity of the iconic .270 Winchester by 42 percent, the .270 WSM by 25 percent and the .270 Weatherby by 12.5 percent. Given none of the existing cartridges—especially the latter two—are slouches in the velocity department, you can imagine what the extra powder does for the 27 Nosler’s performance. Sends it through the roof. By the company’s numbers, it will kick a 150-grain Nosler AccuBond bullet out the muzzle at around 3,300 fps—which is screaming, nearly 150 fps faster than the very potent Weatherby.

27 Nosler 2

Nosler's stated goal in the 27 Nosler is to produce a more capable long-range hunting cartridge. Given the same 150-grain AccuBond bullet only drops 28-inches at 500 yards, it’s safe to say they might have done so with an extraordinary flat-shooting option. At the same tick, it also is a larger-diameter bullet than some of the more popular modern options—say the 6.5 Creedmoor. This means a bigger wound channel, as well as more energy on target. Again, at 500 yards and with a 150 AccuBond, it delivers 2,129 ft-lbs of energy, which is more than enough to wallop an elk—if you’re confident you can put it on the vitals.

Nosler has big plans for the 27 Nosler. In addition to factory loaded cartridges and reloading components, the company also plans to pair it with its top-end M48 rifle, which should prove a deadly combination. Given the company is touting the 27 Nosler’s compatibility with modern heavy-for-caliber bullets when shot from a relatively fast 1:8.5 twist, don’t be surprised if that’s the twist rate the M48 comes in.

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For more information on the 27 Nosler, please visit www.nosler.com.

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