Shooting Rest: Birchwood Casey’s New For 2021 Lineup

Shooting Rest: Birchwood Casey’s New For 2021 Lineup

Offering options for every type of shooter and firearm, Birchwood Casey's new shooting rest options bring versatility to the range.

Get off the bench! It’s sound advice unless you’re anything but an F-Class competitor. Hunting, self-defense or any other practical marksmanship generally doesn’t have the luxury of a wide, long and flat surface, level and anchored into the ground. Therefore, shooting in different positions makes you adaptable and more likely to get on target when it counts.

Rant over, there are times when it's key to find a bench—say dialing in the zero on a new scope. During those times, it’s a solid idea to have the most stable system available to eliminate as many user-based errors as possible. In short, a shooting rest is a worthwhile investment. As chances have it, Birchwood Casey has come out with five new models for 2021, each tailored to different shooters and the guns they use.


Alpha Shooting Rest

Built around a tubular steel frame, the shooting rest offers maximum strength, without sacrificing comfort. Featuring a non-slip rubber stock rest, an integrated weighted front (35 lbs. total), adjustable leveling feet with bullseye bubble level, the rest is ideal for traditional long guns. However, it doesn’t turn its back on some newer and smaller firearms, able to accommodate popular AR pistols with barrels as short as 7.5-inches. The Alpha’s low-profile design is ideal for prone shooting and offers full adjustment—2 inches for windage, 3.5 inches for elevation. MSRP: $229.99


Bravo Shooting Rest

The Alpha’s little brother, the Bravo is conveniently sized with just as much support as the larger shooting rest. Again, Birchwood Casey turns to a rigid steel frame to ensure the rest is rock solid, then adds all the features shooters require to get and stay on target—non-slip rubber stock rest and feet, and bullseye bubble level. The overall weight of the Bravo is 15 pounds, so it has the heft to stabilize any long gun, yet can fully support smaller arms, such as AR pistols. The low-profile design is great for shooting prone and the ambidextrous controls, along with oversized knobs, make any adjustments quick and easy. The Bravo also allows for 3.5 inches elevation adjustment. MSRP: $129.99


Echo Shooting Rest

Looking to go light? Birchwood Casey’s Echo is the answer. Featuring a strong steel frame structure, adjustable leveling feet, and a non-slip rubber stock rest the shooting rest provides a solid and flexible shooting foundation. The Echo securely holds various rifle sizes, including firearms with barrels as short as 7.5-inches. The front support is quickly adjustable thanks to oversized knobs, allowing for 3 inches of windage and 2 inches of elevation adjustment. MSRP: $89.99

Foxtrot Shooting Rest

Dual purpose, the Foxtrot shooting rest is designed to stabilize both long guns and handguns. The best part, it converts to accommodate each style of firearm without the use of tools. Its quick-detach design offers unlimited adjustment and versatility and is sized for popular AR pistols and short barrel rifles. The rest is molded with high-density polymers to deliver a lightweight and sturdy frame structure. And outfitted with a padded front support, it securely holds the firearm and provides for quick and easy adjustments. MSRP: $49.99


Tango Shooting Rest

Simple, light and small, the Tango shooting rest is the ideal option for those who value versatility and convenience. The rifle/pistol rest includes a padded front support that houses both handguns and rifles while protecting the firearm finish. Additionally, its elevation adjustable through a simple center screw. Oversized footings help maintain a stable shooting platform, no matter the caliber size and it's high-density polymer construction it up for rugged use. MSRP: $29.99

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