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Midwest Industries Premium Lever Action Stock Series feature

First Look: Midwest Industries Premium Lever Action Stock Series

A peak at Midwest Industries’ Premium Lever Action Stock Series, the company’s latest accessories for modernizing your lever gun.
Darkstar Apollo Glock 19 holster feature

The 10 Best Glock 19 Holsters For Any Purpose (2024)

Looking to tote around your G19? Here are our picks for the 10 best Glock 19 holsters on the market.
Get the lead out feature

Gun Cleaning: Get The Lead Out

A look at the author’s simple recipe for getting all the lead out when cleaning a gun.

Shoulder Holster: 8 Pro Up-Top Carry Options (2024)

The shoulder holster isn't just for cinematic good and bad guys. It has a role in real life as these seven upper-body rigs prove.
Black Beard Belts Ranger Gun Belt feature

Gun Belt Review: The Black Beard Belts Ranger

The author reviews the ratchet-style Black Beard Belts Ranger Gun Belt, an adjustable and comfortable concealed carry accessory.
XS Sight Pusher feature

Leave No Trace: The XS Sight Pusher

If you’re tired of dinging up your handguns while messing with their sights, it’s time to take a look at the XS Sight Pusher.
AR Parts Holding Template feature

Organizing For Sanity: The AR Parts Holding Template

Tired of losing springs, screws or roll pins while working on your AR? Let the AR Parts Holding Template remedy that.
detachable scope rings feature

Should You Use Detachable Scope Rings?

The author discusses the best times to use detachable scope rings, and when to avoid them at all costs.
Telestock install feature

How To Properly Install A Telestock

Most ARs these days already have a telestock, but many aren’t properly assembled. Here’s how to do it right.
Black Friday

Gun Deals: Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday And Cyber Monday (2023)

Find the top gun deals and gear sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in on spot!

Night Divides The Day: Choosing The Best Pistol Light

These days, nearly every handgun comes with a rail, so here are some top pistol light choices to help destroy the night.

Best Compensator Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Looking to tame the recoil of your rifle or carry pistol? Here are 8 top compensator options to consider.
Glock sight tool xs sights feature

Upgrading Glock Irons With XS Sights’ Installation Tool

Carry a Glock? Want to upgrade your iron sights? One of XS Sights’ Glock sight tools will help you do it.

First Look: The Peacemaker CCW Jacket

The Self Defense Company has just released the Peacemaker CCW Jacket, designed to be both a perfect cover garment and armor carrier.

Revolver Gear: The HKS Speedloader

If you carry a defensive revolver, you’re going to want an HKS speedloader.