Decibullz come in various configurations: There’s the basic model, the Percussive Filter and the Professional High Fidelity plugs, each with various features and benefits.

Decibullz: $30 Custom Hearing Protection

Model them at home, protect you at the range, Decibullz provides affordable custom hearing protection.
Weapon Light 3

Guide To Buying A Quality Handheld Or Weapon Light

The key points you need to know to add a quality handheld or weapon light to your arsenal.
Have a plan when you start buying parts; a simple rifle doesn’t mean less capable.

Best AR-15 Accessories And Upgrades (2021)

Dos and Don’ts when it comes to AR-15 accessories, upgrades and parts in general.
AK mags

7.62 AK Mags: What You Need To Know

From steel to Bakelite to polymer, surplus to new production, these are the AK magazines to avoid and the ones to seek out.
Threaded P360 Barrels

Sig Offers Up Standalone Threaded P320 Barrels

Threaded P320 barrels look to make hushing up the striker-fired pistol easy.
FAB feature

New GL-CORE M AR Stock From F.A.B Defense

F.A.B Defense’s newest AR stock, the GL-CORE M, was specifically designed to provide a spare magazine built right into your rifle.
SB22 Fixed Model

SB22: Stocking Up Ruger Rimfires

The SB22 is a polymer chassis compatible with the Ruger 10/22 and Charger rimfires, creating a compact and versatile system.
The Puck

Lockdown: Smart Gun Safe Accessories

Lockdown’s gun safe accessories do more than keep your arsenal under lock and key, their catalog is full of products designed to organize, secure, and protect your firearms.
Galco VHS 4.0

New Weapon Fits For Galco VHS Shoulder Holsters

Galco shoulder holsters can now accommodate weapon mounted lights for the first time with their updated VHS 4.0.
uncle mike cases feature

Uncle Mike’s New Long Gun Cases And Range Bag

Uncle Mike’s has just released a new series of long gun cases and a handgun specific range bag, both are affordably priced and available now.
GG Wilson

New Guns And Gear June 2021

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 14 new bits of guns and gear.
The Lyman Borecam Pro comes with all the goodies: Borecam, charging cable, adapter for every electrical system known to man, cleaning gear and instructions.

Getting A Peek With Lyman’s Borecam Pro

The days of peering down the muzzle to gauge the fitness of a gun bore are over. The Lyman Borecam Pro gives you an inside look at your firetube.
6mm ARC 1

Flattening The Curve With Hornady’s 6mm ARC

The 6mm ARC is specially designed for the AR-15 platform and long-range shooting. It' offers moderately better velocities and delivers more energy on target than most of the other popular cartridges for the rifle.

Complete Gun Safe Buying Guide

A gun safe is a hefty investment, but pays you off with peace of mind your collection is secure against nearly any eventuality.
Sport Ridge M-LOK Competition Bipod

New Sport Ridge M-LOK Competition Bipod

The new M-LOK Competition Bipod from Sport Ridge is tough, functional, and low-profile.
Dry Fire 4

Developing A Dry Fire Training System

No ammo. No range. No Problem. A dry fire training system allows you to keep your skills sharp in the confines of your own home. Here's what to work on.


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