Safariland Model 17 Holster

New Gear: Safariland Releases Two New Holsters

Safariland's newest holsters look to add a level of utility and comfort.

New Gear: Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro CMR-300

With four lighting and aiming functions, the Rail Master Pro CMR-300 gives long guns a tactical advantage.

Video: The PepperBall Non-Lethal Weapon System

The PepperBall is a non-lethal weapon designed to incapacitate would-be attackers with a stinging projectile filled with a concentrated powder irritant.

Video: Silent Legion Suppressors

Along with turning to some of the most cutting-edge materials, such as titanium and Inconel, Silent Legion suppressors are designed to perform over a vast spectrum of calibers and firearms.

Gear: Gun Control System Maximizes Gun Storage

The Gun Control System by Madhouse Design will get your guns in order.

How To: Safe Re-Holstering Tips

Procedural tactics regarding the safe holstering of a handgun have changed dramatically over the years. Here are some things to know.

AR Basics: The Futile Forward Assist

If you need the forward assist to close your AR’s bolt, something is wrong with the gun.

New Gear: ZRODelta’s Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake

Redesigned, with enhanced geometry, ZRODelta's Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake shoots to take the kick out of a rifle.

Trigger Upgrade — The Fastest Way To Improve Accuracy

The quickest and easiest way to tighten your groups is to improve the trigger in your gun. Without a top-notch trigger, your shooting skills can only take you so far.

The 12 Gauge Shotgun Home Defense Solution

A shotgun is an exceptional all-around weapon for home defense, especially when you build it to your preferences.

8 Pieces Of Shooting Gear To Build A Top Range Bag

You need a bunch of extra gear to ensure quality trigger time when you head to the shooting range, which means you need to kit up a range bag.

How To: 4 Easy Glock Upgrades Anyone Can Do

While a box stock Glock will run like a champ right out of the box, these four upgrades will make yours even more accurate and shootable.

Gear Review: MBX Extreme Basepad Extension And Inter-Loc System

MBX Extreme’s Basepad Extension and Inter-Loc System offer speed and stability for all genres of shooting.

How To Upgrade Your Muzzleloader’s Open Sights

Using Brownells parts, we show you how to extend the range of your muzzleloader with open sights.

7 Pocket Holsters For Easy Everyday Carry

Here are several pocket holsters that simplify carrying a self-defense gun and keep it at the ready.

How To: Concealed Carry In Your Car

Can I carry my gun while traveling in my car? In many cases yes, but there are certain considerations to concealed carry in your car.



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