Going All Thumbs With The Blackhawk T-Series Holster

Going All Thumbs With The Blackhawk T-Series Holster

A completely redesigned release system and new cutting-edge material, the Blackhawk T-Series succeeds over the Serpa.

How The Blackhawk T-Series Improves The Quick-Release Retention System:

  • Thumb pressure release the pistol in the natural motion of gripping the gun.
  • Low-friction interior facilitates a fast draw and quick re-holster.
  • Lining dampens sound drawing the pistol.
  • Glass-fiber backed polymer exterior made battle tough.
  • Available in level-2 and level-3 retention systems.

One of the overlooked features of a holster – next to keeping your pistol on your hip and your booger hook off its trigger – is keeping your gun out of a bad guy’s hands. For many, this important duty is achieved by remaining clandestine. Felonious meatheads can’t yank what they don’t know is there. But there are circumstances – duty or open carry – that require more than just friction to keep a gun secure and in your possession.

T-Series Holster 1

More retention devices are required, hopefully in a system that doesn’t slow down your draw to the point of peril. Seconds count, so the last thing you need is fumbling fingers around a retention-release system. For holster makers, it’s a tricky balance to achieve – kind of like fast and accurate behind the trigger takes time to develop. But with the release of the T-Series Holster, Blackhawk might have found the middle road between a secure sidearm and a speedy presentation.

The Anti-Serpa

For many years, next to the old thumb-break holsters, one of the best known level-2 retention options was Blackhawk’s Serpa. Pushbutton operated, the polymer hanger released your sidearm with the flick of your index finger. On paper, it sounded brilliant. In practice, it could prove otherwise. Operating it properly and efficiently required plenty of familiarity with the system. Even then draw mechanics had to remain pristine and particular to the Serpa.

Get A Grip On Holsters:

Going back to the drawing board, Blackhawk turned everything around on the T-Series, literally, making all the difference in the world. Instead of the index finger, the thumb actuates the release mechanism on the level-2 L2D and level-3 L3D holsters. Might not sound like a huge switch, but trust me it is, making the system nearly second nature to operate – and quickly with little training. The genius is the T-Series functions flawlessly through the natural motion of acquiring a master grip. When done properly, it is as effortless as drawing from any level-1 holster. Arguably, when your execution is perfect, easier.

T-Series release button located on the inside of the holster, actuated through the natural motion of gripping your pistol.
T-Series release button located on the inside of the holster, actuated by your thumb, through the natural motion of gripping your pistol.

Furthermore, the placement of the T-Series’ release, along with a redesigned spring system, gives the user peace of mind it will work each time. Not always the case with the Serpa The older holster’s release button was notorious for its susceptibility to jam with debris. A dangerous situation for what is essentially a duty holster, but an issue Blackhawk says the T-Series eliminates.

In addition to the new release system, the T-Series also features an industry-first dual-shot molding process. The exterior is constructed of a battle tough glass-fiber back polymer, while the interior is a silky smooth and quiet liner.
The liner reduces friction substantially, allowing the gun to race out on the draw and slip back in quickly on the re-holster. An added benefit, it also reduces sound.

On The Firing Line With The T-Series

I recently had the opportunity to put the T-Series through its paces at the range. Over the course of three hours and more than 400 rounds, I would have to say the holster more than lives up to its billing. The T-Series L2D indeed facilitates a fast draw and takes little time to master.

Exterior of the T-Series made of a durable glass-fiber backed polymer.
Exterior of the T-Series made of a durable glass-fiber backed polymer.

The holster does take some getting used to. You can’t sweep in on the rear of your pistol, otherwise, your thumb will run headlong into a shield at the back of the release paddle. Frustrating at first, when I was getting used to the rig and trying to keep expediency a premium. But programming a linear approach to muscle-memory was a minor hurdle. And once conditioned, the holster was a pleasure to work with – which we did extensively under the bark of a former Marine firearms instructor.

In short, the T-Series is fast, secure and, above all, intuitive. About everything you want out of a level-2 retention holster.

Parting Shot

Out of the gates, the T-Series is only fitted for one gun, logically the ubiquitous Glock 17. Though, you can expect new models and accessories to appear through the end of the year. This includes variations with a speed cut (sadly ours did not feature this), fitted for weapons-mounted lights and, of course, various makes and models.

When they are released for your particular pistol, the holster is worth a look. Whether for your job or style of carry, the T-Series address all the issues of its sibling Serpa in an innovative, but more importantly, effective manner.

A side note for the Serpa diehards: don’t worry, Blackhawk’s new holster isn’t knocking it off the shelves. The company is and will continue to make it.

For more information on the T-Series Holster, please visit www.blackhawk.com.


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