First Look: Versacarry Mayhem Shoulder Holster

First Look: Versacarry Mayhem Shoulder Holster

Versacarry has just released the Mayhem Shoulder Holster, the company’s second up-top carry option that now features molded polymer for improved retention.

Versacarry has been releasing a lot of holsters this year as a part of its new Versatac series. One of those new models is the Mayhem Shoulder Holster, and it’s only the second shoulder holster to ever be offered by the company. Versacarry's original model has been a popular choice since its release, but due to its leather construction, it’s a more universal holster in design. Offered in three holster sizes, each size is advertised as being compatible with a wide range of pistols. While these guns may fit just fine, they’re mostly secured by the retention strap. The new Mayhem Shoulder Holster may be compatible with a much smaller list of pistols, but it makes up for it with greatly improved retention.


The enhanced retention capabilities are provided by the custom-molded polymer front of the holster. Fit specifically for each model of gun that the Mayhem Shoulder Holster is offered for, it can hold its cargo much more securely than what is possible for leather. The holster’s retention is adjustable and can be tuned to match the user’s desired draw strength, and the dual magazine holders found on the opposite side are made from custom-molded polymer and have adjustable retention as well.


The Mayhem Shoulder Holster is offered for some of the most popular carry pistols currently on the market, including the Glock 19 and 43, the Sig P320 and P365, the Springfield Hellcat and XDM, the Taurus G3C and GX4 as well as the HK VP9SK, Ruger Max 9, S&W M&P Shield, Walther PDP and Kimber Mako. Regardless of the model selected, the design of the Mayhem makes it inherently compatible with optics. The open-bottomed nature of the holsters makes them compatible with threaded barrels as well.


The cherry on top is that the Mayhem Shoulder Holster’s MSRP is set at $154.99, making it significantly less expensive than Versacarry’s original model. It’s currently only offered in right-handed configurations and a black finish, but the holster is available now.

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