First Look: Primary Arms PLx Scope Mounts

First Look: Primary Arms PLx Scope Mounts

Designed for professional use, Primary Arms’ new PLx scope mounts are lightweight, durable and capable of sustaining major impacts without shifting zero.

Primary Arms has just announced two new professional-grade PLx scope mounts that will become available by late January or early February 2022. The PLx cantilever mounts will be available for both 30mm and 34mm scopes, and Primary Arms claims that they were specifically designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.

Primary Arms Scope Mount 34mm

Stephan Morgan, Director of Product Marketing at Primary Arms, said this about the new cantilever mounts:

In the field, a scope is only as good as its mount. That’s why we designed our new PLx scope mounts, which put quality materials and engineering above all else…PLx mounts are 100% made in the USA and feature high-strength steel hardware, so you can trust their reliability when you need it most.

Primary Arms Scope Mount 30mm profile

The PLx scope mounts are made in America using 7075 aluminum and 12.9-grade steel hardware, and they’re finished with a black electroless nickel coating. They attach to one’s rifle using three bolts that evenly distribute recoil throughout the system, and each mount includes two machined recoil lugs as well as three cross-bolt lugs. These features combine to provide scope mounts capable of withstanding a high volume of fire and major impacts without ever losing their zero. Both mounts have a centerline height of 1.5-inches and Primary Arms claims they hold the scope in place with 6,500 pounds of clamping force.

PLx scope mounts promotional

Both PLx cantilever scope mounts are available for pre-order now and have a shared MSRP of $249.99, and they appear to be very solid new options for those looking for a light, compact and durable scope mount.

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