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First Look: Apex Competition Trigger Kit For The Ruger Mark IV

Apex has just released a Competition Trigger Kit for Ruger Mark IV pistols, designed to increase the performance of the popular .22 handgun.

Apex specializes in trigger upgrades for handguns. Previously, the company only offered kits for Glocks, Sigs, Smith & Wessons and other duty/defense-oriented centerfire pistol models. Now, the company is adding its first dedicated rimfire trigger to the lineup with the release of the Apex Competition Trigger Kit for the Ruger Mark IV.

Like all of Apex’s trigger upgrades, the Ruger Mark IV Competition Trigger Kit is easy to install, only requiring the replacement of three factory components with Apex ones. Those parts are the hammer, sear and flat-faced trigger, and once installed Apex claims that they will reduce travel by 25 percent, reduce the pull-weight to about 3 pounds and drastically lessen over-travel. These features should all combine to dramatically improve a Ruger Mark IV’s trigger and enable better precision for shooters whether they enjoy competing or just plinking at the range.

The Competition Trigger Kit also includes a safety plate that’s guaranteed to match the Ruger factory safety standards, and Apex assured this to be true by drop-testing the design on concrete. Each kit also includes an optional magazine safety delete for those who would still like to be able to fire their Ruger Mark IV with the mag removed.

This Apex Competition Trigger Kit is compatible with both standard Ruger Mark IVs and Ruger Mk IV 22/45s, and it should provide a much crisper, lighter and shorter pull regardless of which model it’s installed in. The trigger is available with either a red or black finish and the kit has an MSRP of $160.

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