White House To Drop Nomination Of David Chipman To Lead The ATF

White House To Drop Nomination Of David Chipman To Lead The ATF

While it may seem like good news rabid anti-gunner David Chipman’s nomination for ATF head was dropped, the battle may have only just gotten harder.

Leaked information from the Biden administration has revealed the White House’s intention to withdraw David Chipman’s nomination for bureau director. Chipman’s blatant and aggressive anti-gun rhetoric, and work as a lobbyist for gun-control groups should have been enough to disqualify him from the position from the start. But it was likely accusations of past racist comments that put the final nails in his nomination. Whatever the reason for Chipman’s demise, it is clear the Biden administration is not done pursuing its gun-control agenda. And without a clear boogeyman such as Chipman to unite the gun community, fighting future attacks against the constitution becomes harder.

There may not have been a more perfect candidate to incite passionate resistance to gun control than Chipman. Without his almost cartoonish media presence, it’s a fair bet there would have been far fewer comments submitted to the two ongoing proposed ATF rule changes regarding home-built firearms and braced pistols. His donkey-like visage acted as the perfect talisman to concentrate pro-2A support around the country. While I’m happy to see him go, I’m worried it will only inspire sneakier tactics in the future.

President Biden has already enacted backdoor gun control by sanctioning Russian ammunition imports, and there’s nothing stopping him from continuing down this path. Imported arms and ammo are a major backbone to the American gun industry, and future sanctions on other ammo-producing nations are not off the table. The current administration seems to also hold the governments of Turkey, Hungary and the Philippines in a less than positive light. All three countries are major arms and ammunition exporters as well. With Chipman out of the picture to do the White House’s dirty work, it may come down to more sanctions and other unilateral executive branch actions to achieve their unconstitutional goals.

Feel free to celebrate that Chipman was denied a job, but remain vigilant. Gun control attempts won’t be stopping any time soon. Chances are the next nominee for director of the ATF will be as rabidly anti-gun as Chipman, but without the baggage. If he or she lacks a history of racist comments, odds are the nominee will be confirmed. In the meantime, the ATF remains a headless snake, but one that can still bite gun owners.

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  1. As I said the day Chipman’s nomination was pulled, “We’ve won a battle, but the war still goes on.

    We must remain hypervigilant to the continued threat this regime is to the 2nd Amendment and Gun Owners.


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