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Making a single gun fit multiple purposes, conversion kits are proving the wave of the future.

Getting more out of a gun, what shooter wouldn’t be intrigued? For the most part, the industry has moved this direction in recent decades, fueled, in part, by the versatility of AR-style rifles. Modular in design, jumping between calibers and configurations generally is no more difficult than removing a few retention pins and swapping parts. Like wildfire when it comes to long guns, this simple and versatile concept has lagged behind in handguns — until recently.

Spurred on by the U.S. Military’s Modular Handgun System competition, pistols that jump caliber and configuration are starting to swamp the market. One might even argue, they’re the wave of the future. Most certainly, they’re light years away from what it used to take to modify an existing handgun, which required enough effort that it was likely cheaper just to buy a second gun that met your desired specifications.

Before manufacturers took up the cause, a pistol conversion kit generally involved a competent gunsmith, plenty of hand fitting and time. It still takes time to modify the likes of a SIG Sauer P320, but it’s measured in seconds, not weeks and months. The results are quite striking, allowing many pistols to jump from full-sized to compact in just over the wink of an eye. There’s even the potential to incorporate specialty features, such as reflex sights milled directly into a slide, while maintaining a gun’s overall practicality.

With conversion kits, the only limits are the marketplace and your imagination.

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