Video: Pistol-Caliber Carbine Options


Among the most unique long guns, there's no shortage of choices when it comes pistol-caliber carbine makes and models.

There's really no need to be PC … unless you’re talking about long guns.
Handy and manageable, rifles and carbine that feed off of pistol-caliber ammunition have grown in popularity. There’s no secret why, the firearms are ideal shooting range diversions, teaching tools and home-defense – particularly close quarters.

Shooters tend to think there is only one style of pistol-caliber carbine, the dominant and versatile modified AR-style system. Readily available, these guns are far from the only option out there. Honestly, like the majority of the firearms world, pistol-caliber long-guns are designed to suit every need.

Showcasing a swath of popular options, John Tupy of The Modern Sportsman gun store in Burnsville, Minn., breaks down what this class of firearms has to offer. For close range plenty, from the highly versatile SIG Sauer MPX Carbine to the bit more traditional Ruger PC Carbine. The simple-blowback operated pistol-caliber carbines are chambered in everything from 9mm all the way up to .45 ACP. And they boast some of the more cutting-edge designs in the semi-automatic world, too boot.

As interesting and useful as pistol-caliber carbines are, they tend to have some notable limitations. Chief among these is range. Certainly, kittens in the recoil department, they’ll rattle through a magazine in no time flat, and accurately in competent hands. However, practically speaking, they are a little rusty once they get past the 50-yard mark.


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  1. Why doesn’t anyone ever mention MechTech? I have a MechTech XD with a dedicated XD(M) frame as my truck gun to match my carry XD Mod 2. I know XD’s aren’t as popular as Glocks, but for those of us that don’t fall into the Glock fanboy parade MechTech makes some great stuff! They also make kits for 1911’s and 10mm Glocks. Who else does that?


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