Video: Ken Onion Signs CRKT Foresights for BLADE Magazine

Video: Ken Onion Signs CRKT Foresights for BLADE Magazine


A CRKT Foresight, Autographed by Its Designer

I count myself among the legions of knife enthusiasts who are fans of Ken Onion. His pieces are part of my EDC (everyday carry) rotation. I followed his career in the pages of BLADE Magazine. We even shook hands at the 2012 Blade Show this past June.

So I got just a little excited when Onion agreed to engrave 100 Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) Foresights for BLADE. Onion is known for his practical yet pleasing designs. The CRKT Foresight is no exception.

The design is perfect for hunting or outdoors work, but I wouldn't recommend beating these collectibles up. A genuine (i.e. not laser printed) Onion autograph on a CRKT Foresight will add a ton of value to your knife collection. You'll get your $99.99 back and then some.


Ken Onion CRKT ForesightCRKT Foresight Dimensions
Open Overall Length: 8.69 inches
Closed Length: 5.17 inches
Weight: 6.3 ounces

CRKT Foresight Blade
Length: 3.5 inches
Thickness: .16 inches
Material: AUS8
Blade-HRC: 58-59
Finish: Black Ti-Nitride
Grind: Hollow
Style: Modified Drop Point
Edge: Razor Edge

CRKT Foresight Handle
Material: Aluminum
Liner: 420J2

Form Meets Function Meet Value

Other than the form-function balances Onion finds, I like the accessibility of his knives. Not everyone is willing to plunk down a mortgage payment for a custom blade from a well-known knifemaker.

Onion must appreciate this, because he partners with knife companies to make his custom designs available to the average Joe. The Foresight is only the latest from an Onion-CRKT partnership full of wins. The official 2012 Blade Show knife was a CRKT Ripple crafted by Onion. As with his other designs, the Ripple started as a custom creation that became even more popular through a partnership.

Only 100 Autographed CRKT Foresights Available

These special CRKT Foresights are flying off the virtual shelves at Don't count on one being available later. Click here to order a Ken Onion autographed CRKT Foresight.


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