Video: Interacting With Police While Carrying in a Vehicle

Video: Interacting With Police While Carrying in a Vehicle

When it comes to concealed carry, vehicles can provide a challenge.

Of course there are the physical demands of carrying in a car or truck. The second nature of a clean draw stroke is quickly complicated, with the shooter having to dodge a seat belt, console and steering wheel. But there is another, less-thought-of aspect that is important to consider when armed in a vehicle – interaction with law enforcement.

Even the most conscientious drivers can miss the occasional turn signal. In turn, no matter how pristine your driving record is, if you carry, it is a solid idea to be prepared to interact with a police officer, sheriff or state patrol.

Adam Painchaud, instructor at New Hampshire's SIG-Sauer Academy, gives a rundown of how to handle being pulled over while carrying concealed in the above video by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Much of his advice boils down to being courteous, forthright and smart. But he also touches on some important nuances in being pulled over while carrying, particularly those little things a driver might believe are helpful, but could set the situation on edge. Painchaud has a good perspective on these, given his law-enforcement background.

His most important advice, however, is perhaps his most obvious and simple – study and understand the laws of your state as they pertain to carrying in a vehicle. After all, even if you are a fantastic driver with a clean driving record, you never know when you might need to draw upon this knowledge.


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