Video: The G36 — Glock’s First Single-Stack

Video: The G36 — Glock’s First Single-Stack

There are some valid excuses in having missed Glock’s recent endeavors into single-stack pistols.

Perhaps you’ve been on a two-year sabbatical to wildest New Guinea. Or maybe you’ve sworn off all modern media, including that new-fangled newspaper.

Really, those could be the only justifications for the Glock 42 and 43 flying under your radar, even if you're only mildly interested in handguns. The single-stack .380 ACP (G42) and 9mm (G43) have had the swarm of Glock fans buzzing since 2014.

Of course, this isn’t the Austrian/U.S. manufacturer’s first endeavor into the slim and concealable design. The company has had a single-stack .45 ACP in its catalog for the past 15 years – the venerable Glock 36.

The above video from TyFromMD, gives a pretty comprehensive overview of Glock’s very first single-stack pistol and shows it in action. Also, taking a gander at the G36 is a good reminder the company is an old hand at this design, despite the hubbub of its newest editions.


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