Uncle Mike’s Introduces Ambidextrous Inside-The-Waistband Holster

Uncle Mike's ambidextrous inside-the-waistband holster promises to be among the most versatile on the market.
Uncle Mike's ambidextrous inside-the-waistband holster promises to be among the most versatile on the market.

In recent years, shooters have demanded ambidextrous features on their firearms. For the most part, manufacturers have listened.

From safeties to magazine releases, more and more firearms are designed with both righties and lefties in mind. Now Uncle Mike’s is taking this all-encompassing concept and applying it to firearm accessories.

The Kansas manufacturer has introduced what it bills as the first ambidextrous inside-the-waistband holster with a number of features that make it functional no matter which hip it hangs off. It’s hard to say if the IWB Tuckable Holster is truly breaking new ground, but even if it isn’t the accessory offers an astounding amount of versatility.

The holster's most obvious feature is it can be adjusted for a right- or left-handed draw and not purely from a 3-o’clock position. The IWB Tuckable can be worn anywhere on the waistline, including the most common concealed carry positions: appendix, cross draw and small of the back.

The holster features five adjustment points on the clip and three on the holster. This allows shooters a slew of carry options with the ability to adjust the cant and height relative to the waist.

The body of the holster is made of polymer, which is then covered with nylon. The material makes the IWB Tuckable lightweight, even with its heavy-duty j-clips.

An unusual addition to the holster – at least in recent trends – is its retention strap. The safety feature helps avoid a gun slipping out or being wrestled away. But it can be defeated with one hand, so it still allows for a fast draw when needed.

The holster’s versatility is not only in its features, but also the guns it fits. There are only four sizes of the IWB Tuckable, but they fit 85 percent of the handguns on the market today.

Shooters won’t pay through the nose to pick up the holster. With an MSRP of $44.95, the IWB Tuckable is competitive with most inside-the-waistband holsters on the market.

IWB Tuckable Sizes

  • Size 0 – J Frame Revolver
  • Size 1 – Kahr K9, PM9, Ruger LC9
  • Size 15 – Glock, XD, and M&P Family
  • Size 19 – 1911 and Clones

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Ultimate Handbook of Handgun Training



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