SHOT 2015: Photo Gallery of Six Hot New Handguns


In recent years, concealed carry has driven the handgun market. This year is no different. But along side some new and interesting defense pistols and revolvers are a number designed for hunting, competition and other applications. Here’s a look at the eclectic collection of handguns from 2015 SHOT Show.

Taurus Curve

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Certainly one of the most unusual appearing guns introduced this year is the Taurus Curve. It resembles an early transistor radio more than a gun at first glance, but there’s a reason for the unusual shape. The Curve is based on the popular TCP line and uses many of the same internal parts, but it’s designed for concealed carry so all angles are rounded for ease of snag free carry. Even though the frame of the gun has a wavy curve down through the grip area, the magazine is internally the same straight unit as the TCP with a modified base. Every surface on the Curve is rounded to make concealment easier from the muzzle to the base of the grip. There’s even a pocket clip incorporated on the side of the frame. At the front of the trigger guard, there’s a switch to activate the light/laser that’s an integral part of the gun. Chambered in the popular .380 ACP round, the Curve has an MSRP of $392.00 and considering it comes with a light and laser, it seems to offer a lot of rounded, concealed carry, value.

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