Sedgwick County, Kansas: Concealed Carry Approved For Most County Government Buildings


On a 4 to 1 vote, commissioners in Sedgwick County, Kansas have approved a resolution to allow concealed carry in most, though not all, county government buildings.

“The people have the right to keep and bear arms and we shouldn't arbitrarily infringe upon that right,” Commissioner Richard Ranzau said during deliberations, as reported by KSN Television.

Some county officials, though, argued against the change, including District Attorney Nola Foulston.

“This is a public safety issue, and one that could cause tragedy,” Foulston said.

Ranzau disagreed.

“Any statement that alleges public safety will be jeopardized and an environment of fear will be created as a result of this resolution is not based on reality nor is it supported by the facts,” Ranzau said. Under the new regulations, “The buildings that will allow [concealed carry]…include 10 fire stations, the historic courthouse, and four county tag offices, but not the main courthouse.”

Source:  KSN Television 9/1/11

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