Ruger Releases LCR in .327 Federal Magnum

Ruger Releases LCR in .327 Federal Magnum
Ruger is now offering its LCR in the light, yet potent .327 Federal Magnum.
Ruger is now offering its LCR in the light, yet potent .327 Federal Magnum.
Ruger is now offering its LCR in the light, yet potent .327 Federal Magnum.

The .327 Federal Magnum has found new life in the past year.

Ruger has invested in the light, yet snappy round, releasing two revolvers chambered for the cartridge. And while the Single Seven and SP101 were both intriguing offerings, each one’s release was met with a similar refrain: “Nice, but when are they going to make one for concealed carry.”

Well, for these particular shooters, the wait is over.

The New Hampshire/Arizona manufacture has added yet another .327 Magnum to its lineup, in model literally tailored for clandestine carry—the LCR. And there appears to be plenty to like about Ruger marrying its polymer- and stainless steel-framed pistol to the cartridge it helped develop.

One of the features that is almost certain to turn heads, particularly with LCR fence sitters, is the revolver's capacity. The .327 holds six rounds, more than any other in the line, save the .22 models. For the most part, a larger capacity in a smaller firearm was one of the main aims behind the development of the magnum cartridge.

The .327 Magnum has plenty of selling points in and of itself. Among these is it's potent, yet manageable to shoot. The round achieves velocities similar to a .357 Magnum; it actually outperforms the larger cartridge in snubbed-nosed revolvers, such as the LCR. Of course, there’s a rub to the small magnum’s performance: It’s with a smaller projectile.

Presently, the majority of .327 Federal Magnum ammunition is topped with 85- to 130-grain bullets. And while availability is typically not a problem, there isn’t a ton of different rounds to choose from. However, shooters need not fear about fodder for a LCR in this caliber. It’s fully capable of shooting .327 H&R Magnum, .32 S&W Short and .32 S&W Long rounds as well.

Like the rest of the LCRs, the new .327 has the dimensions to make it a slick deep-cover or backup gun. The double-action-only revolver is only 1.3 inches wide and tips the scales at 17 ounces, making it more than convenient for pocket carry. It has a 1.875-inch barrel and comes outfitted with a Hogue Tamer Monogrip, a feature that should make recoil even more manageable. It also has a pinned, replaceable ramp front sight and integral U-notch rear.

Presently, Ruger’s MSRP on the new .327 Federal Magnum LCR is $619.


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  1. I recently purchased this gun for my wife. I’ve been eloping 9 mm, 38 spl for my LCR 357 and most recently 32. ACP . I’d like to ask you about reloading for the 327. Hope you see this and will respond.

  2. Fantastic news, been waiting years for this since the creation of .327 FedMag. This is a grossly under-rated defense cartridge that was well designed but released during a recession. I have the GP 100 and SP 101 rugers in .327 FMag and they have dropped numerous critters; the biggest was a deer ! I reloaded thousands of rounds of .327 and could easily get 450 ft/lbs energy out of hard cast bullets. The recoil is far less than .357 but its penetration and energy is double the archaic .38 spl +p . With 6 shots in a LCR it is more practical than the .357 remMag LCR , which I also carry . The .357LCR has a painful recoil and is hard to shoot accurately. The .38 LCR is easy to shoot but has barely enough power to make it dependable for defense; it cannot even kill a deer. The factory loads from Federal and Speer are very hot but have much lower recoil than the .357 . I used to carry a Taurus snubbie in .327 FMag but it was heavy. I shot a feral hog with this snubbie on a hunt and the Speer 115 HP tore right thru its heart , no tracking needed. About time , Ruger!


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