Responsibility: The Concealed Carry Permit

Responsibility: The Concealed Carry Permit

Concealed Carry Permit responsibility.

I still remember the tingly feeling that coursed through my body that day my concealed carry permit arrived in the mail. I held the small rectangle of paper in my hand with equal parts excitement and nervousness, much as I did with my first driver’s license when I was a teenager.

I was excited because now it meant I could travel wherever I wanted and feel that much safer. I could keep a gun tucked away in my vehicle legally when traveling and not worry about keeping it locked in a trunk or at home where it would do me no good should I ever need it. Quite simply, it gave me peace of mind.

It was those same reasons that made me nervous. Owning a gun and carrying it to the range or to hunt with is a huge responsibility. Strict safety protocols must be adhered to at all times.

This article also appeared in the October 30, 2014 special concealed carry issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. Click here to download that issue.


Carrying a gun on your person in public brings with it an even higher threshold of responsibility—one that isn’t lost on those people who apply for their permits.

Perhaps that’s why there are so few instances of CCW permit holders ever getting in trouble because of their guns.

The people who are willing to accept responsibility for their safety and that of their families, are willing to perform the required training and practice to hone their skills, are, by their very nature, some of the more responsible people in our communities.

This country was founded by people with a strong sense of right and wrong along with a willingness to defend themselves and the good people around them, which is what today’s growing CCW movement is all about.

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  1. It’s great that you pointed out how owning a gun and carrying it to the range or to hunt with is a huge responsibility. I was talking with my cousin last night and it seems he has a concealed carry permit that is about to expire. He should not let it expire, so he definitely needs to attend a CCL license renewal class.


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