New Jersey Range Celebrates 100th Anniversary

New Jersey Range Celebrates 100th Anniversary
Photo by NSSF.
Photo by NSSF.

Last month, the Franklin Revolver and Rifle Association, located in Franklin, New Jersey, celebrated 100 years in operation.

As the New Jersey Herald reported, “The facility is one of the last open-air gun ranges remaining in New Jersey and is the home to National Shooting Champions and law enforcement competition teams. The community-based club offers free shooting lessons to women who have never handled a gun before as well as instructors and coaches for Boy Scouts seeking their merit badges for marksmanship.

In recent years, the club has opened its doors to students from High Point Regional High School studying forensic science.”

According to the club’s official history, “around 1911, a group known as ‘The Boro Boys’ constructed a shooting range between Route 23 and Franklin Pond, behind what is now a strip mall. The range was nothing elaborate but sufficient for practice and occasional matches.”  In 1929, the group moved operations to its current location, in what was at the time a limestone quarry.

“Around 1937, the original clubhouse was constructed and the group reorganized as the ‘Franklin Revolver & Rifle Association.’  Regular shooting positions were constructed and target matches were held. Local sheriff's officers and peace officers used the range for training purposes. Local groups held clambakes at the range.”

Today, the club boasts 170 members.

“We are open to anyone who wants to learn how to shoot the right way,” said John Heller, a Franklin member for the last 56 years.  “The club has some great people here who are very safe and experienced marksmen.”

Source:  New Jersey Herald 7/10/11


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