New Gear: ZRODelta’s Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake


Redesigned, with enhanced geometry, ZRODelta's Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake shoots to take the kick out of a rifle.

Why you'll get a kick out of the Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake:

  • Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake reduces recoil by up to 72 percent.
  • Its length and diameter make the Gen 2 CIB 3-Gun Competition legal.
  • Built from chrome-moly steel, the muzzle device is field tough.

Want to throw a wet blanket on a gun conversation? Broach the topic of muzzle devices. The under-loved accessory falls somewhere between corporate training and a vodka soda on the excitement scale.
CIB-second - Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake
However, is it fair to relegate the humble muzzle device to Rodney Dangerfield status and move on to sexier upgrades — drop-in triggers and handguards? In a word, no. Choosing the right one, after all, can do everything from make you harder to detect to clear your line of sight to even create a more manageable rifle.

To that last point, ZRODelta is shooting to tame a majority of a rifle's buck with the release of the next evolution of one of its most popular muzzle devices. With improved geometry, the Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake has the potential to vaporize recoil on .223 Rem./5.56 NATO, .308 Win./7.72 NATO, and everything in between.

The obvious question is exactly how much kick will the Gen 2 CIB evaporate out the muzzle-end of the rifle? Depending on the caliber, up to 72 percent — which is a game changer for marksmen who need to stay on target during long strings or make quick follow-up shots — say in 3-Gun competitions.

ZRODelta definitely had those who run and gun in mind with its enhanced Cowl Induction Break, keeping its length (2.86 inches) and diameter (from 0.88 up to .99 inch diameter at muzzle) well within the competition regulations. Even further, the trim dimensions of the tapered break actually reduce the device's weight over the original CIB, maintaining a rifle‘s overall maneuverability. Not a bad thing to have when you're gunning for fast target-to-target transitions.

Typically, the trade-off for muting the recoil is increasing the report, given the rifle's gases are divert back toward the shooter. However, ZRODelta has mercifully optimized CIB's port angles to deaden the kick without a noticeable sound increase. Really, that's a quiet coup.
CIB-first - Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake
Competitor's aren't the only ones who have the potential to reap benefits from ZRODelta's improved break. Field tough, the chrome-molybdenum alloy device can take a beating and still deliver. This makes it ideal, whether a shooter is looking to create a precision platform for some bench work or a rifle that stays true in the heat of battle.

Of course, there is a price to pay for performance; in the case of the Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake, it's $199. Nobody ever said top-notch comes cheap. But for those shooting to shave seconds in competition or creating a rifle that stays on target shot to shot, the price isn't too step.


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