Introducing the Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap

Introducing the Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap

champion_workhorselg-mainShooting clay targets has to be one of the most enjoyable activities shooters can engage in. It tests a shooter's reflexes and hand-eye coordination, helps prepare hunters for upcoming trips afield, and is generally just an all-around good time.

Unfortunately, unless you're a member at a shooting club with a trap, skeet or sporting clays setup or are willing to pay for individual rounds at these areas, you're often left with using a hand thrower on public or private land. Champion Traps & Target is looking to change that with its introduction of a new, portable electronic trap system it's simply calling the Workhorse.

The new Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap system is built to be dependable and affordable and offers high-volume target-throwing capacity in a relatively compact and transportable package. The system fits into the trunk of just about any vehicle and can be unloaded and assembled by a single person.

The Workhorse runs on a single deep cycle battery, and the system's detachable target magazine holds up to 50 clays. It's also adjustable, allowing the user to alter the clay's trajectory with three different launch angles. The maximum distance it will launch clay targets is approximately 75 yards. The electronic reset on the Workhorse is a brisk 2.5 seconds, so shooters can launch clays almost as quickly as they can break them.

“Moving up to an electronic trap was once a major investment in space and money,” said Eliza Graves, Brand Manager for Champion. “Not anymore. The Workhorse Electronic Trap helps you shoot better and have fun with ease and a minimum investment.”

The new Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap system is available for $359.95 and represents a great option for shooters looking to up their clay target game. For more information on the Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap, visit the Champion Traps & Target website.


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