Gear Review: Grasping What Talon Grips have to Offer

Gear Review: Grasping What Talon Grips have to Offer
Once installed, Talon Grips almost appear like a factory option.
Once installed, Talon Grips almost appear like a factory option.
Once installed, Talon Grips almost appear like a factory option.

Stippling on a polymer handgun’s grip – it’s a deal with the devil.

The simple process works as advertised, creating much more texture, in turn facilitating a positive grip. But there is a massive side effect to the customization – the modification forever alters the handgun.

Perhaps this is not a big deal for some. But for those who might one day sell their pistol, burning or etching texture onto its frame generally does little for resale value.

There is another option other than stippling. One that’s easier on your firearm, while at the same time providing a more solid handle on it.

Talon Grips are ingenious in their simplicity. The adhesive grips attach to a pistol in mere minutes, but provide shooters with long-term benefits. As a bonus, the upgrades are easy to remove as they are to attach – thus are almost risk free.

Truth be told, I haven’t attempted the removal end of the system, and most likely won’t for some time. I imagine the Talon Grips will remain on the Springfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm I install them on for some time.

Talon offers two textures, an aggressive sandpaper grip and a more moderate rubberized version. I chose the latter to put on the pistol and the difference it made was striking. The grip locked tight across the surface of my palm, giving me a much more solid purchase on the pistol though some dryfire drills and a short range session.

The rubberized grips – the thicker of the two – also did absolutely nothing to modify my usual hold on the pistol. Talon has designed their product to be unobtrusive, leaving the ergonomics of the handgun untouched.

The grips’ other selling point, at least in my book, is their ease of instillation. The three-step process took me less than 15 minutes to complete and required only one tool – a hair drier, used to set the grips into place on the final step.

Talon Grips, as far as I'm concerned, are well worth their $17.99 price tag. But the product does have a few points worth considering.

Talon Grips are a simple concept. Grip texture on one side, adhesive backing on the other.
Talon Grips are a simple concept. Grip texture on one side, adhesive backing on the other.

One, for certain, is that the more aggressive style of grip is probably too course to be used on a concealed carry pistol. Its surface is comparable to a medium grit sandpaper and appears much too abrasive to be comfortably worn against the skin, particularly inside the waistband. It also looks like it might have a tendency of snagging cloths, thus impeding a clean draw. Not good.

Luckily, the rubberized grips are the happy medium. They do not provide as much positive grip as their sandpaper counterpart. But they are soft enough not to aggravate skin and are smooth enough to dissuade clothing from interfering with a draw.

My two cents, the Talon’s sandpaper option still has a place in the handgun world. But it seems to me, it is better fit for pistol not destine for continual contact with skin or that has a chance to tangle with a garment.

Overall, those searching for an inexpensive – and reversible way – to get a better handle on their pistol should consider Talon Grips. They've found a home on my XD and perhaps a few more pistols in the near future.

Talon Grips are available for the following pistols: Beretta, Bersa (BP9cc, Thunder), Boberg (XR9, XR45), Canik (TP9 SA, TP9), CZ (P-09, P-07, 75B, 75 Compact, 2075 RAMI), Diamondback (DB9), EAA (Witness Compact), FNH (FNS9/40, FNX9/40/45, FNP45, FN Five-seveN), Glock (20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42), HK (VP(, P30, USP, HK45, HK45c, P200, Mark 23), Kahr (CW9/40, P9/40, CM9/40, PM9/40, CW 45, P45, CM45, PM45), Kel-Tec (P-32, P-3AT, PF-9, P-11, PMR-30, CMR-30), Ruger (LCP, LC9, LC380, LC0S,SR9/40, SR22, P95), SCCY (CPX-1, CPX-2), SIG (P226, P228, P229, P238, P239, P250, P320), Smith & Wesson (M&P Shield, M&P9/40/45, Bodyguard, SW9VE, SW40VE, SD9/40, SD9VE, SD40VE, SW99), Springfield (XD, XD(M), XD-S), Steyr (M-A1, C-A1, L-A1, S-A1), Taurus (PT738, PT709, PT740, Millennium Pro, PT111, PT140), Walther (PPS, PPQ, P99, PPX), PK380, P22). Grips are also available for ARs and extended magazines.


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  1. The Talon rubberized grip did improve the traction of my grip on a G35 but it did not increase grip circumference. If you are already happy with grip circumference these Talon grips will work as described. Since my hands are larger, I found the generic Hogue grip sleeve improved grip friction while also filling out the grip in my hands and enhancing the finger grooves. It did the same for my Sig P228.


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