Galati’s Launching Line of Pocket Holsters

Galati’s Launching Line of Pocket Holsters

Grip-It Pocket HolsterWhen it comes to concealing a handgun there is an often overlooked option for clandestine carry – the pocket.

With the right fitting clothing, what could be a better spot to keep a pistol or revolver under wraps? Pockets are, after all, part of the garment, in turn they have a natural level of comfort built in and tend not to draw attention. Not to mention, they don’t require a ton of gear to make them suitable to tote along a gun.

Count Galati Gear among those who have seen the benefits of pocket carry. The Missouri-based tactical gear manufacturer has just introduced a line of holsters tailored for pocket carry.

Galati’s Grip-It Pocket Holsters have the potential to appeal to wide spectrum of shooters seeking a versatile and simple carry solution.

Constructed of a single of piece tricot material with fabric edging and featuring a non-slip granular outside, the holsters are lightweight and unassuming. But they are designed to do more than just provide a comfortable place to carry. The holsters also protect firearms with the exterior providing a moisture barrier.

The exterior also gives the holster its name, with the material facilitating a strong grip to the pocket. This grip is key in the holster providing a smooth draw. The exterior is enhanced by the overall design of the holster, which is cut to snugly fit into nearly any pocket.

Galati Grip-It Pocket Holster

The Grip-It’s minimalism makes the holster extremely adaptable, as well. The holster is ambidextrous, fitting comfortably in either right- or left-hand pockets. The Grip-It can also be used as an inside the waistband holster, one that does not require a belt to properly function.

There are three models of the holster that work in conjunction with 10 different kinds of handguns and are compatible with laser sights. But the Grip-It, and pocket carry for that matter, has its limitations.

It is definitely an option for those who carry more diminutive firearms, those who favor the .45 ACP might look elsewhere. And pocket carry, like all styles of carry, require wardrobe considerations. It might not be the best option for the skinny jeans crowd.

Galati’s Grip-It has the potential to win over the cost conscious with a light price tag. The holster’s MSRP is $19.95, putting it at the low end of the holster market.





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