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First Look: Taurus Raging Hunter .460 S&W

With power to spare, the new Raging Hunter .460 S&W hits the mark for handgun hunters.

A lot’s happened since “Dirty” Harry Callahan declared the .44 Magnum “the most powerful handgun in the world.” One example, the .460 Smith & Wesson. Capable of kicking a 300-grain bullet out more than 2,000 fps, the big-bore revolver round tends to make the .44 Mag look like child’s play. Which is to say, little stands in the way of it and its terminal destination.

No stranger to handheld power, Taurus recently embraced the .460 Smith & Wesson chambering its popular hunting revolver for the brutish cartridge. The Raging Hunter .460 S&W is certain to prove a favorite among hunters who not only want an option that handles any North American game but nearly everything around the globe.

“Handgun hunting is on the upswing as experienced hunters look to expand their options and, quite frankly, seek new and challenging ways to enjoy their hunting passion while putting healthy wild game on the table,” said Taurus CEO Bret Vorhees. “The Taurus Raging Hunter was a hit among veteran and new handgun hunters when we introduced it in 2019. We are now answering the consumer demand for even more chamber options and downrange performance with the new Raging Hunter in .460 S&W.”

Previously, the Raging Hunter was available in .454 Casull, .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum/.38 Special +P. While the new .460 S&W chambering increase the power of the 5-round revolver, Taurus has striven to keep the pistol as manageable and on-target as its previous iterations. So, how does the new addition shake out?

First off, Taurus offers three different barrel lengths of the Raging Hunter .460 S&W: 5.12 inches, 6.75 inches and 8.37 inches. Each features a sleeved barreled to reduce the revolver’s overall weight, making it more comfortable to tote into the backwoods. Helping counteract its lightweight, Taurus includes factory-tuned porting and a gas-expansion chamber. The features won’t make the .460 a kitten, but will help combat excessive muzzle rise and aid in placing a follow-up shot if one is called for. Taurus also makes the addition of an optic simple, outfitting the Raging Hunter with a full-length Picatinny rail on top of the barrel shroud.

Other notable include a fully adjustable rear sight, ergonomic finger-groove grip with cushioned inserts and your choice of matte black or two-tone finish. In the expensive realm of hunting handguns, the Raging Hunter .460 S&W comes in at a relatively affordable price. The black finish puts shooters back $968.18 and the two-tone $983.33.

Raging Hunter .460 S&W Specs
Caliber: .460 S&W Magnum
Action Type: DA/SA
Capacity: 5
Barrel Length: 8-3/8″ / 6-3/4″ / 5-1/8″
Overall Length: 14.9″ / 13.2″ /11.6″
Overall Height: 6.5″ / 6.6″ / 6.6″
Overall Width: 1.92″
Weight: 65.6 oz. / 61.5 oz. / 57.7 oz.
Sights Front: fixed
Sights Rear: fully adjustable
Materials (Frame): alloy steel or stainless
Materials (Barrel): stainless
Safety Device: transfer bar
Finish: matte black or two-tone
Rail (top): Picatinny MIL-STD-1913
MSRP: $968.18 Black / $983.33 Two Tone

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