Firearms Industry Thriving in Idaho

Firearms Industry Thriving in Idaho

Idaho sealLast month, a dozen members of the Idaho firearms industry met in an event hosted by the Idaho Firearms and Accessories Manufacturers Association (IFAMA) to draw attention to the fact that Idaho has a thriving firearms and firearms accessory industry.

“Four people started the all-volunteer association a year and a half ago,” the Idaho Statesman reported.  “It’s not a Second Amendment rights group. It’s more commercial, an attempt ‘to get the manufacturers and distributors (to work) together,’ said co-founder Jon Anson of Meridian, who runs a horse ranch and boarding business. ‘By getting more sales, of course, we can create more jobs.’

Anson estimated that the state had 120 to 125 licensed firearms manufacturers, and hundreds of other companies making clothing and other shooting gear. “The firearms industry is thriving in Idaho, and business for some local companies is getting even better. The industry employs thousands of people in Idaho, and [IFAMA] wants to push that number higher.”

As part of its plan to “push that number higher,” IFAMA won a $25,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The grant money was used to hold and promote the September gathering.  In addition, the grant will allow IFAMA to put together a report on the economic impact of the firearms industry on Idaho.

SOURCE:  ID Statesman 9/28/11

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