Cumberland County, Tennessee Holds Gun Show to Boost Economy

Cumberland County, Tennessee Holds Gun Show to Boost Economy

Cumberland County, Tennessee holds gun show to boost economy

Seeking ways to boost the local economy, officials in Crossville, Tennessee, decided to hold two events this summer at the local Cumberland County Community Complex: a music festival and a gun and knife show.  The run-away winner was the gun and knife show.

“The place was packed all weekend,” Community Complex Manager Donnie Moody told district commissioners, the Crossville Chronicle reported. “We had a lot of vendors and customers that came from everywhere and we had the support of a lot of local businesses.”

The county made a profit of $13,700 on the gun and knife show; the music festival brought in approximately one-tenth of that.  The gun and knife show also helped funnel people into other local businesses, further helping the economy.  In addition, “Moody said that officials from the National Rifle Association (NRA) told him they were convinced that Cumberland County is the only county that sponsors a gun and knife show.”

Hearing all that good news, district commissioners unanimously approved another gun and knife show for the future.

Source:  Crossville Chronicle 9/6/11

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