CrossBreed Offers Holsters for Tiny Double Tap Pistol

CrossBreed Hosters has expanded a number of its lines to hold the minute Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistol.
CrossBreed Hosters has expanded a number of its lines to hold the minute Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistol.

As far as purely defensive pistols go, few match the Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistol’s ease of carry and the ability to be concealed.

The double-barreled handgun is absolutely minute. It weights less than a pound, it is no wider than most people’s index finger and can it can be hidden in the palm of the hand.

Even with its slight dimensions, the pocket pistol might have just become more clandestine. That’s because one of top reviewed concealed carry holster manufacturers is giving shooters a place to hand their Double Tap pistol.

CrossBreed Holsters announced recently, it is tailoring several of its holsters to fit the Tactical Pocket Pistol. This includes one of the company’s flagship holsters – the MiniTuck. The company bills the holster as among the most comfortable inside the waistband options on the market.

CrossBreed will also offer Double Tap options for: the Appendix Carry, MicroClip, Purse Defender, SnapSlide, Belly Band, Last Ditch, Ankle Holsters and Modular Holsters.

A number of the Missouri-based company’s offerings help make Double Tap's pistol a logical back-up gun. CrossBreed’s Ankle Holsters and Belly Band, in particular, have the potential to work well in a secondary system.

Like the company’s name implies, CrossBreed's holsters are made of multiple materials. The company uses cowhide for backing and Kydex for the holster itself. This even goes for the Belly Band, which itself is made of a elastic material, but works in conjunction with the leather and Kydex Modular Holster, which attaches to the band via Velcro.

The same Modular Holster system used with the Belly Band also makes the Tactical Pocket Pistol viable for off-the-body carry. The system can be mounted nearly anywhere, whether it is the handlebars of an ATV or a nightstand.

CrossBreed’s Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistols holster options start in the $50 range.


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