CrossBreed Holsters Announces Glock 42 Options

CrossBreed SuperTuck holster
CrossBreed SuperTuck holster

With Lilliputian dimensions, the Glock 42 is inherently easy to stow on your person. But the newly released .380 automatic might have just become more concealable.

CrossBreed Holsters announced it will tailor its lines to the potentially popular pocket pistol, news that should have Glock geeks soaring high. The Missouri-based manufacturer is a top name in concealed-carry accessories and plans to have some of its most popular models ready to roll soon for the polymer handgun.

The company's flagship holsters – the SuperTuck and MiniTuck – are among the models that will be fitted for the Glock 42. CrossBreed points out, the inside the waistband holsters have been recognized as among the most comfortable and secure options on the market.

The SuperTuck and MiniTuck are not the only Glock 42 holsters CrossBreed is introducing. Also on the company’s roster for release are the Appendix Carry, QuickClip and Belly Band.

Like the company’s name implies, CrossBreed holsters are constructed of different materials. The backing material is cowhide, while the holster portion is made of Kydex. This includes the Belly Band, which itself is made of a elastic material, but works in conjunction with the leather and Kydex Modular Holster, which attaches to the band via Velcro.

CrossBreed also plans to release a number of off-body and home-security options utilizing its Modular Holster. This included its RAM Mounts that are capable of instillation nearly anywhere within a home or office, its Bedside Backup – a holster designed to be placed between a mattress and box spring – and CrossBreed’s Purse Defender.

CrossBreed Purse Defender
CrossBreed Purse Defender

The Purse Defender’s popularity will be interesting to watch, given many women prefer to carry off body. And, as some have speculated, Glock aimed the 42 at the growing market of ladies who concealed carry – hence the handgun being chambered .380 opposed to 9mm.

CrossBreed’s Glock 42 holster options start in the $50 range and go up from there.

CrossBreed was started in 2005 by Mark Craighead and has since become a favorite of those who concealed carry on a regular basis. Each holster is hand crafted and comes with a two week try-it-free guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

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