Colt Offering Rebate with Purchase of Pistol

Colt Offering Rebate with Purchase of Pistol

rebate_flyerBeen in the market for a pistol? If so, Colt is giving shooters a pretty good reason to give them a nod.

On Oct. 15, the Connecticut-based manufacturer kicked off a rebate offer on three of its popular semiautomatic pistols that runs until Dec. 31. The company is giving a $100 rebate with the purchase of a Colt 1991 Government Model and a $75 rebate with the purchase of a Mustang XSP or Pocketlite.

The 1991 Government Model is a 1911 pistol that Colt bills as a direct decedent of the original M1911. The .45 ACP has a 5-inch barrel, full metal frame and slide, and a 7+1 capacity.

The Colt Mustangs are both chambered in .380 ACPs and are single-action only semiautomatics patterned after the 1911. The XSP and Pocketlite share many of the same features – 2.75-inch barrel, 6+1 capacity, 5.5-inch overall length, to name a few.

The big difference between the Mustang models are their frame material. The Pocketlite has an aluminum frame (weighing in at 12.5 ounces), while the XSP is a polymer pistol (11.8 ounces).

For more information about the rebate or to register for it please go to Colt's rebate offer page.


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