Cleveland Police Department Selects Stag Arms Rifles

Cleveland Police Department Selects Stag Arms Rifles

Stag Arms rifle

Stag Arms was recently supplied the Cleveland Ohio Police Department with 100 of its Stag Arms Model 2s, now the official rifle of the department.

Working with the Cleveland PD to keep costs down, Stag Arms created a modified, accessorized version of the Model 2 built “from the ground up,” that came complete with the department's logo engraved on the lower receiver.

In addition, the rifles feature an Eotech 517 sight as well as an ambidextrous safety selector.

“The new rifles are necessary for today's climate and will be standard issue for officers who meet the qualifications,” said Sgt. Sammy Morris.

Comparing the PD's new Stag Arms rifles to the standard issue shotguns still in use, Morris added, “Perhaps the greatest advantage [of the rifles] is the pinpoint accuracy. They also weigh less, are more compact, hold 20 rounds compared to five [in the shotguns], and are much easier to operate with reduced recoil.”


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