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Botetourt County Man Kills Intruder

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Officials said the resident apparently had little choice but to shoot, although he seemed to show restraint.

TROUTVILLE — Armed with a double-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun, theresident of a Botetourt County home fatally shot an intruder Friday night, authorities said.

A family living in the home heard someone yelling, cursing andpounding on their house about 10:40 p.m., according to a release Saturday from Botetourt County Sheriff Ronnie Sprinkle.

A man living there called 911 and secured his family members in alocked bedroom, then loaded the shotgun.

The intruder used a wrought iron patio chair to break a glass slidingdoor and come into the house, and the male resident shot him.

“From what I'm told, he showed some restraint,” Botetourt County Commonwealth's Attorney Joel Branscom said about the shooter.

“But it got to the point where he didn't have much of a choice.”

Stacy Thompson, a neighbor, said she was glad the man who lived inthe house protected his family.

“When I heard someone tried to break in, I was just grateful he had agun to protect his family,” she said. “There's a reason the Second Amendment exists. We support gun rights and we would have done the same thing.” Read more


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