Benjamin Airguns Go Big Bore: The Bulldog .457

Benjamin Airguns Go Big Bore: The Bulldog .457

Benjamin Airguns has just introduced the Bulldog .457, and it will be the largest caliber air rifle offered by the company.

As Crosman's “premium line”, Benjamin air rifles are well established among those who hunt with air guns. Previously, the largest available model was the Bulldog .357, but Benjamin has just announced the release of the larger caliber Bulldog .457 with increased air and projectile capacities.

Benjamin Bulldog .457

Aiming to give big-game air rifle hunters improved stopping power, the Bulldog .457 can now deliver up to 450 foot-pounds of energy, over double that of the older .357 model. The increased energy output should not only make hunting larger animals more efficient and ethical, but in some states with minimum FPE requirements, it could make it legal as well.

Senior Product Manager Phillip Guadalupe had this to say on the new Bulldog:

The Bulldog .457 is the most powerful compact PCP set to hit the market. Not only will it take down big game, it’ll do it with smaller projectiles and with a max fill pressure of 3000psi. That adds up to a serious beast of an air rifle that handles as ingeniously and distinctively as any Benjamin,

The Bulldog .457 features a 440cc air reservoir, an increased 3-round capacity and a threaded barrel for hunting with a suppressor. It will be available for purchase sometime in February 2022 and will have an MSRP of $1,099.99.

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  1. Lewis and Clark carried an air rifle during their exploration of the West, that was powerful enough to knock out an elk. I wonder why it has taken so long for modern gun makers to make one comparable


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