Armed Citizens in Action, November 2014

Armed Citizens in Action, November 2014


True stories of everyday armed citizens taking action to defend themselves and others.

  • A 34-year-old woman entered her home and found a man in her bedroom. “When she saw he had a hammer and large screwdriver, she retrieved a handgun and confronted him,” the Daily Herald reported. “She told police that, fearing for her life, she fired at [the man] but missed. Then she held him at gunpoint until police arrived.”
  • A man staying in Clackamas Co., Ore., awoke to someone breaking in through the front door. “The man fired a single shotgun shot at the burglary suspect, striking him in the head and neck, according to Clackamas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dan Kraus,” The Oregonian noted. Police arrived and transported the burglar to a hospital.
  • An attempted robbery was foiled at the Six Corners market in Springfield, Mass. when a man approached the storeowner, sticking a gun into the owner’s face and demanding cash. The storeowner realized the gun was fake and after a struggle, The Republican reported, the owner pulled out his handgun and held the man until police arrived.
  • A homeowner in Person County, N.C., awoke to find a man standing next to his bed, holding a shotgun and demanding money. The homeowner drew his handgun and fired once at the intruder. Hit, the criminal fled for a hospital but died of his wounds while en route.

This article also appeared in the November 20, 2014 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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