Armed Citizens in Action, December 2014

Armed Citizens in Action, December 2014


True stories of everyday armed citizens taking action to defend themselves and others.

    • A man entered a Subway sandwich shop in San Antonio, Texas, and said he was armed. He threatened to shoot someone if an employee didn’t hand over the store’s cash. Instead, a customer with a concealed carry permit drew his handgun and told the would-be robber not to move until the police arrived. At which point, the San Antonio Express-News reports, the man ran out of the shop.
    • In Harris County, Texas, Dan Reynolds heard his back window crash apart. He grabbed his 12-gauge shotgun and went to investigate. He fired once when he saw a man in a hoodie climbing in through the shattered window. Reynolds tells KPRC News in Houston that he has no regrets about shooting the intruder; in fact, he also had a handgun with him in case the shotgun wasn’t enough.
    • A homeowner in Antioch, Tenn., recently opened fire on a masked and armed intruder, killing the man. The homeowner, according to, and his wife were watching television when the armed man entered their home and demanded money and other valuables. The homeowner got his .45-caliber pistol, and in the shooting that ensued hit the robber several times. The intruder died shortly after being transported to a local hospital.
  • In a story that reminds us that home defense doesn’t necessarily mean against humans, a man in Lady Lake, Fla., awoke to the sound of his home being trashed, grabbed his firearm and confronted the home invader—what turned out to be a wild, 500-pound black bear.
    “I figured when I yelled it would take off, but it didn’t,” Victor Peters tells WFTV Channel 9. “It just looked right at me and started coming toward the window where I was (standing), so that’s when I fired.” It was the second time the bear broke in. Peters believe it was after dog food.

This article also appeared in the January 1, 2015 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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