10 Great Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Shooter

10 Great Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Shooter

Have a favorite shooter but are vapor locked on what to put under the tree for them this Christmas? Never fear, we’re here to help.

What are great gifts for guns nuts?

No matter if that special marksman in your life lives to break blue rock, bang the gong from a country mile or is deadly serious about concealed carry, we’ve picked a little something they’ll love. On top of that, we’ve tried to hit every reasonable price point without going crazy and suggesting a fully decked out chassis rifle. You’re on your own with that one bub.

So kick back and take a gander at 10 great Christmas gift ideas any shooter would love. We’re certain you’ll hit the bullseye with these Yuletide goodies.

Gun Digest Great Guns 2018 Daily Calendar

Great-Guns - shooterWhat’s better than one gun? How about 365! The Gun Digest Great Guns 2018 Daily Calendar delivers just that in full color. From the newest tactical rifles to the hottest handguns to the sleekest shotguns, your favorite shooter will be left dreaming and drooling over them day after day. It’s the perfect addition to any office desk, reloading bench or gunroom. Price: $14.99

Ammo Cans

ammo-can shooterHonestly can you have enough of them? For a shooter — any shooter — ammo cans are about the most useful small storage system you can find. And, really, they’re pretty dang cool looking too. The .50-caliber size tends to be the handiest for stowing an assortment of small accessories. But the .30-caliber ones still fill a role, especially if space is at a premium. The best part: Ammo cans are found nearly anywhere. But these gifts provide a great opportunity to shop local and support your neighborhood military surplus store. Price: Varies, but cheap

UtilClip XL

UltiClip-XL-carry-gear - shooterUtilClip's locking belt loop has been around for a while and is a slick system. But the company has improved on a great idea with the XL, not only providing rock-solid and covert carry retention, but also a little extra. Integrated into the spring-steel clip is a multi-tool, complete with a screwdrivers and multi-stage wrench — perfect for fixing or fine tuning a malfunctioning holster on the go. Similar to the older iterations of the UtilClip, the XL delivers the same versatility to a carry system, facilitating inside and outside the waistband carry, with or without a belt. Price: $14.99

Modern Survival Guns: The Complete Preppers' Guide to Dealing With Everyday Threats

r6774_1 - shooterThis book is every bit as important as your shooter’s bug-out bag. Jorge Amselle presents more than 600 pages on the guns, gear and practical know-how to survive almost any eventuality. The most comprehensive book on the subject in the past quarter century, Modern Survival Guns covers every aspect of living ready, including: firearms, optics, ammo, emergency supplies, knives, tactics and much more. You aren’t just giving someone a book with Modern Survival Guns this Christmas, you’re giving them a future. Price: $29.99

Caldwell Mag Charger Universal Pistol Loader

Shooting-Gear-Caldwell-Mag-Charger - shooterJuicing magazines isn’t how your favorite shooter wants to burn a day at the range. Thanks to Caldwell’s Mag Charger, they’ll spend more time throwing rounds down their lane, not reloading. Compatible with 9mm, 10mm, .40, .45 and most .380 magazines — both single and double stack — the charger is versatile and easy to use. Simply feed rounds into the groove, squeeze the operating lever and it loads the ammo into the magazine. Honestly, what could be a better gift than more actual trigger time? Price: $47.99

Tipton Electric Cleaning Brush

Shooting-Gear-Tipton-Electric-Gun-Cleaning-Brush - shooterIt’s time for your shooter to put away that nasty old toothbrush he uses to scrub away his gun’s grime and join the 21st century. Tipton’s Electric Cleaning Brush makes routine gun care a snap, arming your shooters with a rotating head that knocks away grunge and fouling at 3,600 oscillations per minute. The tool comes with interchangeable plastic, nylon and stainless steel cleaning brushes and reaches areas of a gun other cleaning implements can’t even get close to touching.Price: $47.99

Crossbreed Crossover Belt

Crossbreed-CrossoverBelt_Stacked_1536x1100The foundation of any carry rig is a solid gun belt. With this in mind, the concealed carrier on your gift list will go over the moon unwrapping the Crossbreed Crossover Belt. The 1.5-inch wide belt offers extra support with a slide buckle, which allows the user to cinch it snugly each and every time. Additionally, hand-beveled, burnished, edge dyed and stitched, the Crossover Belt is a stylish accessory, tough enough for the woods, but good-looking enough for a night out. Price: $89.95

Magpul X-22 Backpacker Stock

MAG808-rifle-4 - shooterA confession: I hope Santa leaves this under my tree this Christmas. Compatible with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown, the X-22 Backpacker Stock is an ingenious way to take the rimfire anywhere your shooter goes. Once taken down, the barrel stores conveniently in the toe of the stock, making the rifle compact enough for nearly any rucksack. If that were not enough, Magpul has made the stock an entire survival system, with a watertight compartment in the grip and another watertight compartment in comb, designed to stow three 10-round 10/22 magazines. Really, for any shooter who loves the 10/22 and has a takedown version, there isn’t any better gift. Price: $109.95

ShootSteel Magnum Spring Popper

ShootSteel-Magnum-Auto-Popper_GEARAs we all learned from It’s a Wonderful Life, every time copper-jacketed lead bangs steel, an angle gets its precision long-range rifle. Help these celestial beings on their way this Christmas with the Magnum Spring Popper. Designed to take punishment from some of the most powerful calibers in the rifle world (up to .338 Lupua Mag. at 200-plus yards), this gem provides hours of shooting fun. The best part? Your shooter won’t spend any time resetting targets. Utilizing heavy-duty stainless steel springs, the popper sets itself up immediately after you knock it down. What more could you ask for? Price: $199

LaserLyte Quick Tyme Laser Training Kit

Laserlyte-TLB-LQD-2What could be a more fitting gift for the gun nut in your life than giving them the opportunity to shoot when they want? You can with LaserLyte’s slick laser training kit. Complete with laser training pistol and reactive target, the QuickTyme kit comes with everything they’ll need to start shooting out of the box. Additionally, the kit is more than just a mere plinking system, it’s a top-notch training tool. The stopwatch function aids in honing a fast draw, and instant feedback on the target let’s the shooter know if they’re hitting what they’re aiming at. Price: $279


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