The Gun Digest – 1980

 Table of Contents
Two Introductions 6
The Winchester Model 94, H. V. Stent 8
A Gathering of Sharps, Bill Bennington 17
Africa Now, Jerome Knap 24
Mag-na-port Limited Editions: Instant Collectors Specials, J. D. Jones 30
When 22 Autoloaders Were Young, Henry M. Stebbins 36
Picking a Packer’s Piece, Dave McCready 42
The Ross Model 1912 Rifle, Larry S. Sterett 44
Elmer Keith’s: “Hell, I Was There” 46
Handguns Today: Sixguns and Others, Hal Swiggett 51
Handguns Today: Autoloaders, J. B. Wood 56
Steel Shot 1979, Wallace Labisky 60
30 Years of Good Gun Designs, Ken Warner 64
Supreme Elegance, Made in America, Ken Warner 81
Handloading To Date, Dean A. Grennell 82
Hunfishow ’79, John T. Amber 87
I Make a Muzzleloader, Roy F. Dunlap 91
Low Cost Double Rifle, John T. Amber 95
Let The Gun Talk, Lucian Cary 98
Winchester’s 20th Seminar, Harold A. Murtz 115
Heym Builds Me a Ruger, John T. Amber 118
Shooting Ruger’s Redhawk, Ken Warner 120
A 65-Yard Turkey Gun, H. Lea Lawrence 122
Sheridan’s CO2 Model E, Robert E. Fleming 125
Long Guns Today, Larry S. Sterett 126
The Little Tom Pistols of Alois Tomiska, J. B. Wood 130
The 45-70 – Born Again, Rick Hacker 135
The 308 – A Beginner’s All-Rounder, Roderick S. Carman 136
Scopes and Mounts Today, Bob Bell 138
Model 1911 Colt: Six Decades of Service, Dennis Riordan 144
Super Single Shot, John T. Amber 152
The 45, Robert Skiles 156
Two Artists Working Together On Guns, John T. Amber 160
The Political Factors, Colin Greenwood 161
A Pair of Big Bore Champs, Alex Schimek 169
Compact Loading Bench, Wm. F. Greif 172
The Key to Success: Plan Early, Plan Well, Buck Taylor 176
The Wonderful World of Gun Collecting, James E. Serven 180
The Right Loads for Ducks, Pete Nelson 188
Barrel Weight vs. Accuracy, Norman E. Johnson 192
Shooting Lead Bullets, Ron Wozny 196
Keep It Clean! Erik Miller 202
Gas Powered Replica Handguns, James C. Barry 207
Fine Gun Steels, Philip R. Lichtman 212
The New Forest Deer Rifle, Norm Nelson 218
Sir Henry Halford’s Rifle, John T. Amber 222
Sporting Arms of the World, Larry S. Sterett and the editors 224
Russia’s Red Forest, John T. Amber 228
The Round Patched Ball and Why They Used It, Edward M. Yard 236
Careful Sighting-In Pays Off! Hal Swiggett 238
The 22 Revisited, Jack Collins 240
Where Engravers Come From, Thomas G. Turpin 246
Custom Knives Today 252
Shooter’s Showcase 257
Custom Guns 262
Art of the Engraver 268
.375: The Classic Medium, J. M. Barker 273
American Bulleted Cartridges, Ken Waters 276
Ammunition Tables 284
About the GUN DIGEST Catalog 288
Handguns – U.S. and Imported 289
Rifles – U.S. and Imported 318
Shotguns – U.S. and Imported 356
Black Powder Guns 385
Air Guns 403
Chokes and Brakes 417
Metallic Sights 418
Scopes and Mounts Today, Bob Bell 421
Arms Associations in America and Abroad 428
Periodical Publications 430
Shooting Publications 431
Arms Library 432
Directory of the Arms Trade 449